Thursday, May 12, 2011

Lunch at Giligan's at Robinson's Galeria- good food lousy service

sooooo it was nearing petsa de peligro, you know the one, the one you're getting closer and closer to the date before there's not much in your wallet but enough to get you home a couple or a day before that seemingly long awaited pay day.
so it was quite a stretch that on our budget that we eat here.
the sizzling seafood platter.  it's pretty ok, i just didn't appreciate the fact that there was too much bell peppers.  even on pizza i remove that.  i feel it's a meat extender and there's not much taste it cancels out or improves in dishes.  so bleh.
AYUN OH.  wow. i love this beef kare-kare.  sure it looks like it's lily's peanut butter soup but the taste was just right in its nutty flavor and sweetness.  and the beef was uber tender!  the veggies were crunchy and fresh.
ang order ni at-eh Marge.  their version of the roast beef sandwich.
the experience:
this restaurant is one of the newer restaurants on the new veranda of Robinson's Galeria, so the place is still new and still easy to maintain i.e. it's still fresh and clean.
we got there about half past 11am so we were only the 2nd group of people to enter the place for lunch.  in short konti pa lang ang mga tao.  so we ordered.  and since we work in a call center our time is always a certain period only and we get penalized if we go over said lunch/break periods.  we asked the waiter, R, sir, ilang minuto serving time? [how long is your serving time]  watdapak only is the reply: ah ma'am konti palang naman kayo, sandali lang yan.  [since there are currently few patrons then serving time is minimal].  if i my eye brow could reach my hairline it would.  so after 15mins we asked again, and got nearly the same reply.  ma'am sandali na lang...won't be long now waiter R replied.
so the peanut sauce based viand arrived and so did the sizzling seafood dish and the rice.  hmmmm i guess the sandwich takes that long to prepare.  
we were asking for luke warm water for one of our ofc mates, but all the glasses we got had ice in it.  so i followed up and asked for luke warm water, and got a blank stare fr waitress C.  so let's repeat it again for another time, anew. maligamgam na tubig plesss.  ok gets na BUT HOWEVER, THERE'S MORE aba aba inirapan ako ng waitress, ganon ha.  fine ako na mali, i cannot english anymore ika nga ni Bernbern!
soooo the luke warm water arrives and so does my sandwich.  half way through my sandwich, anak was cold.  yep a cold roast beef sandwich well the very middle of it was.  so hmmmm i asked for a waitress.  waitress L.  she walks up to me, ang sabi ko calmly miss malamig pa po.  [miss it's still cold].  and all i got was a blank stare.  twice i said it, too!  so my ofc mate saves the day and said.  miss paki painit po.  [kindly heat up the order pls] 
homayghad, i don't think i was speaking in tongues naman.  i was speaking in Tagalog, my first language, the main language spoken in Manila for frak's sake.  
look the sandwich was actually ok, but obviously i prefer it warm like it's just been cooked and not like it was popped in the micro for only about 2minutes. hay.
and lookee here, i love the food, nothing wrong with the food or the prices, the ambiance, the cleanliness, i don't even have a complaint that they don't have their own wifi like hyphy's [my phone's not been liking the robinsonsmalls and tennants lately -the wifi available at the mall in this resto] but omg.  from asking the serving time, to the maligamgam na tubig to my half cold sandwich.  this branch is not for me. 



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Marge said...

new theme marge? love it! =) and as for this place, i have never tried it haha! :D but i don't think i will still go here after reading your review.

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