Sunday, May 15, 2011

REVIEW: ETUDE HOUSE Lucid Darling Fantastic Gradation eyes #8 Berry Berry

all excited about the summer colors of the tangerine collection!?  i sure am ;-)
and behold the #8 Berry Berry pallet. hahaha no not like the vitamin deficiency :P
look ma! instructions with diagram LOL.  i figured out that C the orange color is really a shade that you can use after the white shade or in other words in place of the pink shade.  so ideally you just use 3 shades well as per instructions.  the satin shimmer shade of white on your brow bone and inner corner of your lid.  the pink OR orange shade all over the lid and the dark brown shimmer shade for your outer 2/3's and lower lid ;-)
so here i go.
without flash
and photo taken with the flash on.
swatches on my arm.
can be appropriate for work and night, just darken the shade for a smoky look if you wanna go out after work.
on my lips are the sweet tangerine lips in both #4 and #5.  
My thoughts for something that's only PhP648.  

  • the shades they go together very well
  • pigmented enough for the price
  • no weird scents
  • the price
  • easy to blend out
  • useful spongetip applicators, soft brush and sturdy rubber spongetips.
  • the first thing i noticed the FALLOUT naman.  i super love love the dark brown shade and the sparkles but wEh it falls everywhere.  so tip! apply your eye shadows first before applying your foundation so cleanup is easy.
  • can get chalky to apply
  • fades throughout the day kasi nga siguro it falls, phhffftt
  • on the powdery side
  • the sparkles are a tad too big
I won't buy this again nor recommend this.  rather, just earn yourself   PhP147 further (since the MM pallets is PhP795) bucks to be able to buy one of those MM pallets with the uber soft eye shades that don't fade or fall out.


Marge said...

awww fallouts. >.< a no go for me haha! i passed on this eye palette because i have way too many when i don't even eyeshadow on a regular basis! LOL! =))

Marge said...

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Marge said...

me neither. i'm more of an eye liner girl, and a couple of theBalm single eye shadows have an effect on my eyes as though i have diff shades on my eye, the broken capillaries under my skin and discoloration work with the one shade i apply hehehe. yeah i had high hopes for this pallet. i guess it's MM, at least for me budget-wise ;-)

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