Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Birthday Mini-Haul at Tony Moly Mega Mall

ERRATUM:  all photos taken outside of the boutique.  as i didn't know if that's allowed, since it generally isn't.  natuwa na lang ako nagpo-pose na si ms branch manager, hahaha ang cute!
I am pleased to report that i feel very lucky in this boutique space.  at this particular boutique space, i've been recognized twice already. once by one of the EH's SA's as she claimed she saw one of my videos on youtube.  hahaha and then a year later and on my birthday at that, last sunday, one of Tony Moly's patrons who arrived at the store ahead of me, came up to me and asked, 'you're Marge, right?' i go, uh yeah, she said, 'hi! i read your blog!' and off she went to pay for her purchases bwahahaha.  couldn't even get her name.  hopefully she leaves a comment here ;-)
Like I posted on Tony Moly Philippines facebook page, LOL, that upon hearing that a Tony Moly branch will open at Megamall, i let it slip that at least i'd have some place to go on my birthday.  after my birthday brunch at Borough i hopped and skipped my way to the brand new tony moly branch, where???? at Megamall, this is the same spot Etude House had before they moved at their current location at Mega B.
soooooo Tony Moly Mega is at Mega A.  near toy kingdom [was] which phhhhffft wala na rin, hypermart na sya.
notice the LED? it's a changing! LOL
hehehe natuwa ako sa lights?  i'm just excited to see it.
notice anything missing?  no standee yet.  don't worry folks, miss branch manager, smiley sweet cakes in the pic below has requested for one na.  and ohhh took note of my request...y'all would know what that request that would be right?
hehehe i'll get their names down din, like i know the girls of my other fave stores in mega ;-)
the testers were like unopened yeah, nobody else's DNA or epithelials when i got to some of the stuff, lol.  csi moment!
and you know it's newly painted so everything smells new.
alas, my girl Elaine is neither here nor is she at the other store, so no kpop music playing.  so i suggested, ahmmm your endorser Gain is part of the Brown Eyed Girls, kindly play their music once in a while ;-)
prices.  well, i'm happy to report they kept it low.  with the usual addition of a little on tax and rent fr sm, but over all almost or just a little over the prices i'm used to when i buy from my trusted seller Kkochipida-Charmaine.

hahaha excited much?

sun screen face mist - PhP668(?) basta di abot ng 700, false lashes, a whopping PhP88, hahaha ok i'll go here instead of Daiso Saizen from now on.  nose packs PhP28!!! 10 bucks less than EH's.  the cheek stain is free since my purchase was over 1k, courtesy of theBenj, part of his mini gifts this weekend.  i'll post the prices of the mascara base [PhP278.oo] and the eye primer later, i forgot na hahaha, but i still have the receipt.  i do distinctly recall that the eye primer is less expensive than EH's.  oh oh, Fara! don't forget, the gel liner brush is only PhP148 considerably less compared to the price of TFS' gel liner brush LOL.
memba this?  i've already suggested that they have a membership card with the face of their current endorser similar to the pic above of leader when he was with tony moly.
and i also asked of the brand manager, hehehe the real nice one with the big smile in the group pic up above
to request for posters of their current endorser, Song Joongki, be given away free with purchase the way tony moly has done in the past with their previous endorser so i can have another haul like this:

i'm also pleased to report that just like EH the people that manage the Tony Moly Philippines Facebook page are active and reply to posts and comments.

Have you visited Tony Moly at mega yet?


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