Thursday, June 16, 2011

ETUDE HOUSE 20% Discount Sale - 50thousand ++ people like their facebook page!

clicking on the link leads you to their fb status post that announced that the grand sale is up to the 21st ;-)
as announced on the facebook page, on June 15, there will be a grand sale, of 20% off on all of their products as a thank you to all of us after reaching a milestone of 50k people liking their facebook page!  so your 98 bucks worth of nail polish will become 70plus, your 38 pesos worth of nose pack will even be less expensive.  what's not to like?
so i went at mega mall, i was out to get the cracked finish nail polish
can't get over how i love their new boutique.  there's a nail parlor thingy at the very back of the place.  this new boutique is like what? twice the size of their previous place in mega A? where tony moly is right now.  they have a new collection, the aloha.  so bronzy bronze which i don't care for so skip, say for their green eye liner felt tip pen thingy.
i don't think a lot of people were aware of the sale or they were still either queuing up at the atm's to get their pay or at lunch already.  and while i was paying one patron ahead of me was trying to correct the punch of the cashier and said 'miss, [mentioned price] yan' hahaha c'mon dear patrons, our EH girls generally know what they're doing hehehe.  so the cashier gently reminded the honest and concerned patron that there's a grand sale going on [well yesterday].  awwww see, the culture at EH is just uber nice.  you get honest and concerned patrons and uber nice cashiers ;-)
what i got.  yep, i promised myself i'd get the cracked nail polish finish. and to get it at a discounted price since it's 198, oh ha for nail polish, well still way cheaper than OPI.  sadly, the black cracked finish polish has been out of stock since last week, and i don't like the blue so instead i purchased these.
since i uber loved love as in love the lucid darling fantastic nail's formula from my last nail of the day, i thought of getting a new shade.  i think this chocolate brown one is uber sexy!  not sure yet if imma gonna use it as a gradient french tip with this orange one or a pink one from tony moly or just use it by itself.  hahaha i'm excited for saturday :P
at the cashier, i eavesdrop, heard one patron say, ok ang korean products, 'ok rin yung the face shop, mahal lang' hahaha i hear you! [and well, feel your sentiment]
so what did you get from Etude House yesterday?


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