Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PRODUCT LOVE: THE FACE SHOP: NAIL BASE COAT - my nails won't go without this!

As some of you may have noticed i've added a nail of the day section to my reviews and tutorials.
thanks to Nikki who usually uses this base coat, i've begun to apply this first before any nail color.
and after almost a month of nail of the day[well week actually] i'm proud to say i don't have any yellow discoloration to my nails.
I've actually been getting comments on my youtube channel and videos complimenting me on my nails [before i began my nail of the week blog posts] asking me what nail color i was using, or that i have such pretty nails.  someone asked me what i did to keep it that way.  i merely tell them that i've never smoked a fag/cig in my life, which is true. i've also stopped drinking soda's if i can avoid it.  and as much as possible i try to get veges in my diet and get a decent night's sleep.  more so, i haven't been painting my nails all throughout 2010 [which is prior to my discovery on this nail base coat] 
Now that i am painting my nails, i have to be diligent enough to apply this first before the nail color i want to use.  and so far it has worked in keeping my nails from looking all sad and nicontine-y yellow after having applied even dark nail polishes on my nails.  the sales lady at tfs-gale says that the base coat also helps make the removal of nail polish from your nails.  ahhhhm, i'm afraid it doesn't.  in fact it's quite the opposite, i mean, after all it is another layer of something glued to your nails, so why should it lubricate the process of nail polish removal?
Is it another step? yep.
Is it an additional cost? yep, but it takes just one coat on my nails so this little bottle will last me quite a while
Does it help keeping your nails from staining itself after dark shades? yep, on me, so far so good.
Does it help avoid the yellowy tinge after having nail polish/color on my nails?: the yellow tinge is 'said' to be discoloration of the nails due to lack of oxygenation to the nails.  as you know nails are porous so if you cover it with something as sticky as nail polish, nails won't be able to 'breathe'.  so yes, so far so good, no yellow tinge on my nails.
Do I recommend: indeed, if you love your nails, and sometimes wanna go off without nail color and therefore exposing what's underneath all that nail art and nail polish, do the extra step to avoid looking like you're not well [at least on your nails] :P
Will i repurchase: definitely, and it's rare i repurchase anything, too!


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