Saturday, June 18, 2011

Product Love: REVLON COLORBURST Lip Gloss in Papaya

ah revlon, the only drugstore makeup that i keep coming back to.  i just can't help it! LOL  i've been eyeing the colorburst collection since it came out and the almond oil in the lipsticks intrigued me.  almond oil?  i thought argan oil was the in thing these days? hehehe  well since i didn't like the opacity or pigmentation of the previous colorburst lip glosses and i've already lot's of lippies, i decided to wait.  i'm glad i did and recently revlon decided to expand their color selection for both the lipSTICKS and lip glosses.  one of their newer shades is this, papaya.  hehehe so summer, right?
020 papaya, i could only get one, because i wanted to try it out first, but fire is prolly something i'd go back for.
anyway compared to Etude's Lucid Darling glosses, revlon lasts 3x longer [etude's glosses expire within 6mos upon opening]

woah the pigmentation and opacity!
and it's hard to drink this down!
i can put as little or more if i wanted redder lips.  just that if i put more, i was afraid i'd look like i just had lechon for lunch LOL.
looks like my lips only better? hahaha you be the judge.
  • the doe foot applicator, i get to use the entire [either] side of it instead of the wedge part in older models of lip gloss doe foot applicators
  • the shade, i love how watermelon-y bright it is, it's red sorta but summer happy kinda red
  • no weird rubber tastes, no taste that i can discern unlike what hollyannaeree may have tasted ;-)
  • no weird smell either
  • as my tap water tests shows, this thing can last through water and some saliva.
  • it has 18 mos of shelf life compared to some lip glosses that only lasts 6mos.
  • DID NOT DRY MY LIPS OUT.  i love this thing, it's like petroleum jelly with color hahaha
  • revlon is sold expensively in the Philippines.  it's a drugstore brand for Pete's sake.  it's P575 for something at most US$8 [PhP344-ish]
Do i recommend? : definitely, it's a really great lip gloss with loads of color, just get it somewhere else like duty free or online
Will I repurchase? : definitely, i'm eyeing the 'fire' shade...the newer colorburst shades are more pigmented than their earlier releases.  
any one else tried the newer colorburst shades?


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