Friday, July 1, 2011

RANDOM POST: And Just Like That?! it's JULY!!! - what to expect from Kikaytrekkie this month

HOMAYGHAD lamang, half of 2011 has passed!  haler it's samkinda fast! 
I'm peachy pleased, one of the surviving and still bongacious womenz from the 80's and cancer survivor, Kylie will be gracing us with her presence. AND I WILL BE THERE at araneta, with subspace and space encounters owners/proprietors Thor and Will!  oh ha, not KPOP! LOL.  hopefully, we get there in time as we leave ortigas at 6P aaaaand the concert starts at 8P LOL.  kaya yan! hahaha
and KPOP! naturally, nyahahaha.  I will be watching these beautiful kiddies strut their stuff mid july!  omg! hahaha i purposefully not attend the 2NE1 party last June because anyway imma gonna see them with their sunbae's BIG BANG!  less, Daesung? with Daesung? oh well at least 4 out 5 of Big Bang have been reassured us ;-)

and on that note. i hope to get the most of this sale.  it's gonna be my first time there.
 and my first time to experience this.  i've already asked around where the lioele counters are.  where in ION is sephora, yadiyadiyadah.  hopefully, they will join this sale.  and hopefully i can get some cosmetics that aren't available here at a discount ;-) wish me luck, ladies!

hopefully as July moves forward, i would have been able to finish the reviews for the products that came in this box for me.  I proposed to have weekly blog reviews and one final overall video to the gentleman who sought me out on youtube and sent me these items.
AND FINALLY, by close to the end of July, I would have collated enough for a give away.  I was able to get a few items from the L'oreal sale held every so often in our building, i'll get some stuff at SG, and some i've been meaning to give out on a giveaway...and tadaaaah.  Sigma makeup emailed me that I am entitled to hold a giveaway for this Miss Taylor Kabuki Brush.  Ladies, hahaha this is my July.  hopefully, i would be able to accomplish what i've set out to do hahaha.  well except for Kylie & the Korean Wave, magaganap talaga mga iyon eh nabili na tickets for those nyahahaha


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