Monday, June 20, 2011


sorry for the late post on the nail of the day, hehehe i usually do this on saturdays but here goes!
presenting, one of etude house's latest nail products. i think their latest is the 3D thing. but i just HAD to get this one because it's a nail craze that's been going around for a year or more and i really dig it that Etude House their own ;-)

so it's a three day weekend for some of us and it gave me a bit of time to play around with this nail polish.
my pinky finger [pic up above, my left pinky] has the best finish from this cracked finish nail polish and a finish that i prefer.  the rest of my finger nails on both sets of nails, the finish of the etude house has the effect of OPI's black shatter just like in the pictures you can google.

likes so: the picture below is from portisheadxxx who is holding up the black shatter.  so i've googling this on and off and i was hoping for a much flatter, finer finish.  i guess i didn't foresee the fact that these pix are 2 dimensional and i didn't foresee that this would be like cracked asphalt after a rainy day.

the pic below is what i ideally wanted, this picture is from you've got nail and she's using BYS.
i wonder if you see what i mean where in it has a much flatter finish.  i guess there will be two groups of people that will have two opinions on the matter.  one group will side with the fact that they would prefer the finish of the black shatter where you get to see the nail polish you used as the base.  while the other set of folks will be like me who likes the finish of the the BYS where you have the fine lines for cracks and the nail polish you used for base coat only peeks through.
As for a dupe, Etude House comes pretty close to what i've been seeing online of people's nails using the black shatter.

  • inexpensive, at regular price it's PhP198 so it's still less expensive than OPI's but i got this baby at the 20% thank you grand sale they have that ends tomorrow june 2NE1
  • the packaging, of course it's etude house's princess packaging!
  • it does what it says it does
  • for the price it's a pretty good dupe to the black shatter from opi, well at least from the pix i've been seeing online
  • the scent, on top of the usual nail polish scent there's a burnt rubber scent
  • you have to be uber like the flash quick while the formula is still thin or work in an oven or an area with no air, otherwise it will dry to quickly and it'll be really thick and therefore you get the asphalt on the street on a rainy day [asphalt in a 3rd world country that is]
  • it's an absolute b**ch to remove!  the base color coat is gone already but the asphalt looking crack is still there.  
Do i recommend:  for teens, sure or anyone who likes this kind of finish instead of the finer cracks like bys' finish is.
Will I repurchase. prolly not. they do have a blue shade of this.


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