Thursday, June 9, 2011


this is part of the tangerine collection and i've been using it since i wanted to be frugal in my usage of my lioele brushpen liner.
i bought this because it's part of the tangerine collection and to get the free 2NE1 cd LOL.
you can make a very thin as in very FINE line to a very thick and wide line.  but notice the smears further down from the finest line? (nearer the upper bone of my thumb)?  those are lines i have to make to draw out the ink from the brush.  after several strokes or even just one full stroke with the brush seen below the tip dries out so i have to smear it again.  one of the bristles of this really fine brush is astray.
when i take the cap off, seen in the pic below, my finger almost always get an ink blot.
the results
it really does give a very fine and a very black line.
but, of course there's a but, LOL.  I think it dries in a very tacky way.  it becomes sticky tacky so applying a second layer proves to be a tad difficult and reapplication is no longer smooth.  pls refer to the 3rd pic above to the liner smears nearer my thumb bone, the smears, i have to do that, like smear a line on skin or tissue to make the ink come out. kulit ko din, noh?  product wastage! which does not occur with my lioele.
  • really fine line
  • really really black
  • super water proof!  no tears no sweat no humidity will budge this baby
  • packaging
  • the name(?) lol
  • great for tightlining or applying on your/my waterline.
  • relatively inexpensive, it's etude house after all.
  • easily removed using their lip & eye [makeup] remover
  • it's possible the brush is a tad too long so ink does not dispense right away to the tip of the brush? sometimes well i mean most times, i shake it to give a shove to the ink and make it go down.
  • dries tacky too quickly imho so reapplication is not smooth on top of a previous line.
  • the container bleeds ink into my hand when i take the cap off, so it means it bleeds ink somewhere
  • product wastage
Do i recommend? sure so long as your had is steady or have used liquid liner before otherwise, practice with gel liners first as they afford more control.
Will I repurchase? no...i'm going back to gel liners which Etude House has, the code B LOL 


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