Wednesday, June 15, 2011

REVIEW: Etude House Miss Tangerine Cream Choux #2

for almost two months i waited for this hahaha.  the last of the tangerine collection that i would like to purchase for now.  the cream choux #2 Miss Peach.
it's a cream duh, like the name says hahaha.  but it comes in a tube which i like because it makes it a little more hygienic than having to dip my finger in a tub of product. 
what it looks like.  so it's on the orangey side [and less of the peach]
blended out on my cheeks.
so depending on the light, you either get to see more orange or more peach.
cam whoring blue background, nyek, does it even show? LOL
cam whoring 2 yellow background, hmmm i kinda see it more here hahaha
the closest dupe orangey but somewhat pink blush that i have is Ellana's HappineSS.  for someone as sallow as i am i like how natural it is on me.
  • matte finish, since i have oily to combination skin, there are days when i prefer not to have shimmers on my face or in this case blush ;-)
  • packaging, like i stated above i prefer cream blushes to be in this kind of tubes so you can control the amount of product you dispense and that it will be hygienic instead of having these cream blushes in a tub wherein you have to dip your finger then dab your cheeks w/c will contaminate your tub of blush with foundation/bb cream or what have you.
  • really smooth to apply, unlike cheek stains where in you have to work fast and blend before it dries on your skin, this cream choux is very creamy and quite slick to blend across your cheeks.  
  • coverage,  the dimethicone-feeling substance in this thing [that makes it so easy and smooth to blend] covers the obvious pores on my cheeks quite well.  even if the color doesn't show up well in pix? there is still some coverage on some of my old pimple scars which adds to the reasons why i like this product.
  • the price, it's less than 400, but i actually paid half the cost of this using my etude house membership card. yeah, tipid mode!
  • very little, maybe the shade could show up more on my cheeks? but actually in real life kita naman sya [it shows and it's very natural]
Do I recommend-yep specially for the girls that prefer a very natural not so obvious look
Will I repurchase?  - hahaha i've other products to try ;-)


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