Wednesday, June 29, 2011

REVIEW: The Face Shop Baked Shimmer All Over Illuminator- Shimmer Brick Shimmer Waves dupe!

look familiar?
Disclaimer: we all know there's a Korean brand that's way less expensive than the face shop but a lot of the items i have been reviewing from the face shop were/are either prizes from their facebook trivia contest or products i had to buy so i can get the kim hyun joong calendar, diary, and posterSS. and if they have kim hyun joong promos again, i'll buy stuff from the face shop again, it's that simple LOL. hehehe this is in response to one comment telling me to buy online instead of at the face shop branches in the Philippines. araseo?
swatches swatches.  ooooh so powdery but at least it's very as in very pigmented
TAMA BA? di naman ko mukhang payaso noh? hari nawa LOL
my verdict, this thing is 800+ versus US$38 and US$22 for bobbi brown's shimmer brick and the body shop's shimmer waves, respectively so i guess this is ok at PhP800+.  it's quite easy to blend and the brush that came with the compact is uber uber soft i love love love how soft it is.  the shimmer can be buffed out too look like shining shimmering splendor like the recent sandara park pix [the one with the short somewhat wavy hair] or song hye go [all the time for laneige] or just have a nice satin finish to your face.
for now as much as pretty this is, i'm not in love with it yet.  i'm still hung over my tangerine/corally/orange fix hehehe but i think i'm almost over it, considering my nars orgasm is more pink, actually than more coral, on me anyway.  and my recent use of golden ratio contour maker #2 pink in my most recent vid is making me think pink on my face again.  but for now, from this version of the shimmer brick from the face shop, i'm still tending to swipe from the more coralley peachy strip LOL.
this lasts all day by the way, does not oxidize or go even darker on me.
  • nice gradation of pink
  • really really as in really soft brush
  • huge mirror
  • pigmented as in
  • no discernible scent
  • nice packaging
  • love the gradation of shades, it's quite unlike what it's trying to copy LOL
  • does not fade throughout the day
  • does not oxidize on me
  • still pricey compared to the competition that is also from S Korea
  • on the powdery side
  • can accent [accentuate] my pores
Do I recommend: sure if it's within your budget
Will I repurchase?: it's quite rare i repurchase anything anyway.  besides it's so pigmented it's going to last a long time before i hit pan on this.

Happy Wednesday folks!


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