Friday, June 17, 2011

REVIEW: HOUSE OF OBAGI - Acne Clearing Solution Plus

hello all, i would like to begin this post with hola chikkas!!! TGIF!  and with a few disclaimers LMAO
did i ever tell you folks that i graduated fr med school eons ago from the PLM-OM? bwahahaha yep.  upon clerkship i realized it was not for me.  however, having that experience made me truly realize [and not just imagine] what our doctors go through. hahaha take note, i had just graduated from filipino med school when desperate housewives chose to use philippine med schools as part of their joke dialog for teri hatcher, so yeah tumaas din kilay ko nuon, na medyo natawa hehehe if they only knew hahaha.  so why the initial disclaimer? well, most of us have been to a derma at one point or another right?  so after we get our treatment or get our diagnosis, we will eventually get an upsell from the doctor to buy her own stuff.  you know, the ones in white tubs with a sticker from a label-ler you can buy at national book store?  so NOT something like this:
yep, their own brand of skin care that's obviously not manufactured in a pharmaceutical company? having come from a medical background, i was privileged to find out a few things about the industry and well, guess what DOCTORS ARE HUMAN.  wearing white does not make them any more OR less benevolent.  so there will be entrepreneurial doctors out there upselling their 'own' products repackaged in those white tubs you can buy at the hortaleza and with the label that is obviously just from a label-ler from national bookstore.  so kung papayag ka, eh nasa sa iyo na yun, research people, know your ingredients before buying stuff.  yun lang hahaha habang disclaimer lhord!
hahaha uys si ate Marge may obagi product, oo, minsan kumakagat ako sa high end stuff [bwahahaha hindi pala minsan, napaparami na rin :P] [translation: even Ms BargainHunter-Marge go for high end products]
and yep, in of my commitment to try new stuff there are times that i get adverse reactions from products and most recently, my adverse reactions are from the skin food aloe bb cream and the etude house ac clinic sun gel
My review for today is the House of Obagi's Acne Clearing Solution Plus.  In 09, when it hasn't dawned on me that too much spf give me zits, i would get 1-2 zits a month during that time of the month of a woman when she's not her best.  when prior to all of this beauty junky thing, i would either just get one zit or not at all.  when i started to get regular pimples, i searched on the web and found obagi and that they have arrived in manila.  so i felt like a truck ran over me when i saw their prices.  EXCEPT for what i had gone there for to begin with, which was assistance with my monthly zits.
This acne clearing solution plus is a blend of retinol and erythromycin.  sounds familiar? they should.  retinol, is a form of vitamin A and is commonly used for anti aging and peeling solutions.  while erythromycin is an antibiotic. this thing is only available at their derma-clinics.  if you may encounter obagi kiosks in dept stores like landmark trinoma, that acne solution has a different formula.
this bottle in the picture up above with the expiration date of 2012 is actually my 2nd bottle.  it's less than 500 and lasts 2yrs fr date of manufacture.  i use it for spot medication of any zit i may have growing and / or developing.  and naturally, you can guess why this is already my 2nd bottle.  THE THING WORKS, plain and simple.
  • has a pump, hygienic dispensing of the liquid medication
  • THIS WORKS but works when your the pimple is at its developmental stages.  when it reaches a point that the zit has an eye or encapsulated, even oral intake of antibiotics won't help, either it will heal by itself or pop it.
  • it's relatively cheap for the amount of product it has, the long shelf life, and considering the high end name brand the clinic it's from
  • i don't smell anything from it, maybe a mild citrus alcoholey scent but very mild
  • good for both spot treatments and the entire face [accdg to the derma that sold me this]
  • claims to have retinol and erythromycin
  • for spot treatments, it takes very little to apply for your 2x a day treatment of a pimple
  • not available at their kiosks, the acne solution that is available at their kiosks is a diff formula, [retinol and salicylic acid] so yeah, you'd have to go to their clinic to get this, [trinoma, greenbelt 5, etc]  
Do i recommend: i'm no derma, but this works for me
Will i repurchase: yep 


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