Monday, June 20, 2011

REVIEW: LIOELE Silky Highlighter BB Touch

On the packaging it says: Contained microscopic pearl gives splendidness, shiningness, to the skin.  HYALURONIC ACID and ALOE extracts supply nutrition and moisture to the skin. --> no comment LOL
the tip has a an uber soft synthetic brush and yes, you push the product through the brush tip by the push pump near my thumb in the picture above.
ingredient list only shows Hyaluronate and aloe in the mid section, and therefore the entire content has really minuscule content of said ingredients.
it spurts in threes
and you can remove the entire container from the outer tube and the brush is detachable so you can wash it.   
the bb cream unblended on the back of my hand
me wearing just the bb cream [with sunscreen and concealer]
photo above taken with flash, so am i highlighted and glowing yet?
ok, i'm understanding why fuzkittie wears this all over her face and not use it as a highlighter like what the packaging says the thing is.
i even like how it makes me glow even with the flash turned on.  i specially like the effect in real life.  the coverage really evens out my skin discoloration.  i'm yellowy-brown around my eyes, i have darkness at the inner corners of my eyes, and have gray pimple scars and some redness around my nostrils.
Likes and in no particular order:
  • really silky to apply, thick but silky creamy none the less
  • didn't break me out
  • coverage is medium to build-able heavy.  
  • really really mild scent sorta baby powder-like
  • actual glow effect that i like, i didn't turn out to be Toshio's older sister from the grudge movies
  • washable brush
  • very fine shimmers...yes, i did try this product on the back of the hand of one of my office mates who's skin coloring is warmer and deeper than  my own, indeed there are shimmers but very very fine, i can compare it to the very fine shimmers that i can sometimes see on my revlon colorstay mineral aqua.
  • coverage lasts ALL DAY
Dislikes and in no particular order:
  • couldn't they hire someone who's first language is english to write that dribble on the packaging?
  • the pump-brush mechanism.  it's precarious to travel with this, because anything that presses on the back tip of this will push the bb content into the brush, unlike the usual pumps with cover, that won't dispense the product because a cap blocks it.
  • it's only 20ml and for something that's only 20ml it's a tad pricey.
  • had to blot of my oily nose 3-4 times in one day instead of my usual 1-2
Do I recommend this:  yes, but prolly not for school or work days, but more for a date or a night out, the extra glow is just really pretty.
Will I repurchase?  prolly not, i wanna try Lioele's other bb creams and that primer they have hahaha even if it's shiny shimmery :P


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