Monday, June 27, 2011

REVIEW: Shu Uemura BB Under Base Mousse

ERRATUM: thanks to Apple [click to view her blog] i realized i could definitely just use this for picture moments kodak-an occasions like weddings or whatever considering the coverage and non-reflective properties it has LOL.  thanks, sis.
my new baby, part of my growing collection of bb's LOL
it's a bb beige, suggesting the shade of the product as it comes out the spout
the mousse itself ☺♥ oooh foamy :P
blended out.  my video shows how impressed i am with the coverage.  it covered my greenish vein quite well.
it goes thru a wet to sticky to smooth and matte finish quite quickly so work fast!  it's hard to blend this once it's partially melted on your skin.  but the coverage. wow. visible pores are much less obvious with this on.
a pic of me without flash and with just the bb cream and under eye concealer
a pic of below with complete makeup.  as usual i set my makeup with my colorstay mineral aqua.
and a pic of me with the flash turned on.  i like like as in like the coverage of this bb beige. 
  • the coverage, i can't say enough about the coverage.  i'm due for a peel, any kind of peel! josko Lord, ang pores kitang kita na LOL.  but with this on, i hardly see my pores, yeah, it's not like asphalt on a bumpy dirt road but this bb under base really hides my numerous obvious pores really well and makes my bigger pores seem shallower.
  • shade match.  it adapts to my shade, no stark diff from the shade of the skin on my neck
  • not reflective on flash photography
  • not cakey
  • perfect in conjunction with my colorstay mineral aqua as a way to set it
  • no discernible scent
  • has some spf and pa protection
  • US$45 for a bb? it's not even a foundation! LOL
  • this is my suspect for at least 3-4 black heads that i dug out hahaha, while bored or thinking i end up doing that. hahaha it's wrong, i should hand cuff myself sometimes
  • limited edition.  their other under base mousse is no longer beige that i know, well i could be wrong. hehehe
Do i recommend: hmmm if you're a fan of high end brands, then go for it.  i'm sure someone hoarded this?
had it not been limited edition, would i repurchase? : nope.  i hardly repurchase, and i'm setting my eye on another Fuz fave, the dior snow bb LOL anyway that's at least SNSD endorsed! :P

the Shu Uemura BB Under base mousse was purchased with my own money. i was not paid by shu uemura to review their product on my channel.

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needwantbuy said...

wow, i want to try this one. i like mousse products, BUT it's so expensive for a BB cream. if only there's another alternative or dupe :)

Marge said...

true, this is a keeper, just not for everyday otherwise i'd get black and white heads LOL
but for events i'd wear this ;-)
a much cheaper alternative is maybellines' now available n the philippines (but first came out in the states then i saw it in hk)

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