Thursday, June 2, 2011

REVIEW: Tony Moly Berry Berry Cleansing Oil

From YesAsia
Editor's Note
An effective oil cleanser that removes dirt, oil and even waterproof makeup without stressing skin, dissolving surface impurities and makeup to be quickly and easily wiped away. Berry Berry Complex hydrates and moisturizes skin, while the water soluble formula rinses off completely, leaving skin smooth and soft without a greasy or sticky feel. By Tony Moly.
Additional Product Information

  • Removes makeup and impurities from deep pores and provides a moisturized and smooth texture of your face by berry complex.

  • Pack Size - 150ml 

  • This is my first ever purchase at Charmista at Central World in Bangkok.  Charmista had just opened and launched Tony Moly about a few months before our visit and SS501's last concert, evah, together last year.  Like i may have previously written in another post,  I did not bring any skin care LOL, i had planned to jump right in to buying Tony Moly at Charmista and try it out my first night at BKK.
    At the time it was summer and already really humid in BKK so good thing i brought my Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation in Buff so i was set to get really warm and humidified without my foundation melting off LOL.  I also used my cherry crush lip and cheek stain from stila, my bobbi brown long wearing cream liner, and that's it!
    yeah all long wearing stuff so i don't have to touch up.  but at the end of the day all of that is easily removed, almost in one smear! LOL.  naturally, from all the walking,  since i didn't care to ride the tuktuk's and it's pretty expensive to cab around bkk [and our hotel is not near the tram station] it was walking to pratunam, to central world to mbk LOL.  for once in almost 25 yrs i had a tan when i got home.  but woah i love neutrogena's ultra sheer body sun block. it really is not sticky hehehe walang sinabi ang nivea.
    i love the smell of this cleansing oil.  it's so mild, sweet but sorta citrus-ey, like a berry, berry berry nga deeba? LOL.  hahaha the first thing i got from Charmista-Tony Moly is this and the facial foam, musta naman, hahaha dang pollution naman kasi eh :P
    • the scent hehehe really mild
    • it's an oil but really easy to take off with facial tissue, and i get no greasy feeling after.  it's Ah-mazing LOL
    • a little goes a very long way, and thus i hardly made a dent in using up this product but then, i rotate how i clean and wipe of my makeup.  hehehe
    • quite sanitary, there's even a safety cap. well in fairness a lot of cream or liquid products of the like nature now have those plastic safety caps, so this is no different.
    • does the job.  with just 20 seconds of massaging my entire face of this, i can wipe of the most long wearing makeup i've ever tried.
    • ADD'L - does not break me out ☺♥
    Not too sure:
    • is 700 plus pricey? i'm sure there are cleansing oil that are cheaper
    • i prefer a pump mechanism now that i'm back in Manila.  [but while i was there and thinking of the flight i was very much ok with the bottle the way it is as there was no spill at all]
    Do i recommend?
    Definitely:  Tony Moly will be opening at Mega mall this sunday.  if you get overwhelmed with the myriad of stuff they have, try just a simple cleanser like this ;-)


    Marge said...

    hi miss marge, would you recommend it for oily skin?

    Marge said...

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    Marge said...

    Hello ☺♥
    yep i have an oily t-zone and it doesn't break me out naman, i don't end up greasy after using and wiping it off ;-)

    Marge said...

    tony moly is a store in mega or just a stall?

    i do prefer packaging that have pumps din. the face shop has cleansing oils that makes me think of shu uemura because of the packaging!

    Marge said...

    re Tony Moly - yep it's gonna be a shop, clue it will occupy the shop that another Korean brand left behind in lieu of a bigger space in mega B. hehehe ah well chizmax palang naman yan fr the sales girl of the korean brand that moved to other mega B-ldg.
    while TFS - hahaha even their blusher's di ba? parang Shu? LOL though i so get, marketing-wise why they do that. but now that they have a name they're updating their look, packaging, even branching out to a younger market LOL

    Marge said...

    dear, there's tony moly stall in sm north department store

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