Thursday, June 30, 2011

Update Post - Our favorite Korean Clothing store turns 1! Forever 21 Raffle starting tomorrow

As usual I keep getting these emails from SM Advantage.  but at least i get updated on the latest deals like the pure beauty tsubaki hair care line which by the way after a couple of months i did get my bonus 400 points from SM Advantage.  it took awhile since the promo was a watson's thing.  hahaha in fact i've already spent those points by buying personal toiletry stuff. LOL  so thanks SM Advantage!
Today though I got this in the email.  
wooohooo!  i keep saying to myself, imma only going to buy cosmetics that arent' available here and possibly gadget stuff in SG this july.  and clothes! clothes imma gonna definitely just gonna buy in Manila during this midyear end of season sale that started this June.  this email from sm advantage was a great invite to update my sadly soooo two years ago clothes and shoes hahaha.
Hope this update helps and see you at forever21 soon!



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