Sunday, July 31, 2011

BLOG EVENT: Trekkies Marge and Nabs were at the Glambox Workshop thanks Nikki & Sophie!

Thanks to being an avid reader of Nikki's, i caught the news that our very own Glambox Airbrush Cosmetics is having a workshop.  It was a draw lots, best essay why they should pick you kind of invite.  i was pleased as punch that my rather simple and straight to the point message to them was accepted and finally the day arrived and LOL i was late.  but hey i made it and there was still good food to be had.
Nikki, dear Nikki was one of the workshop's coaches for the day.
Today this is our method of choosing foundations. 
which was done to our uber funny mowdel-guinea pig 
and there's beautiful Sophie of , our second coach for the workshop today.
they begin by demonstrating the method of spraying the airbrush on a piece of tissue and that though the mist is that fine, you can see color in a few seconds.
now for our mowdel. foundation application.
our coach, Nikki, then sets the foundation very gently with makeup forever's hd finishing powder.
and on the right side of our moWdeL's face is a truly flawless finish, while on the left side of her face are her freckles still visible.
it was time for Sophie's turn, and she demonstrated how you can contour your face with the airbrush system.
and apply blush
i like how the shade match is purrfect on our bubbly philo-major mowdel, lol, luv ya sis!
and for now, glambox has yet to launch their airbrush eye shadows so what the scientist/artists ladies Sophie and Nikki do is mix mixing medium and very very fine mineral makeup with a little airbrush foundation to make their own concoction of eye shadow.
and the bronzy green now being spraye.
yo! Alice, me iz like grand theft auto on you, baby!
and the lovely ladies behind yesterday's event.
naturally, photo-op! me iz happy like a romulan!
my cam only likes, me, seriously, it does.  the 2nd to the last time i had my cam handled by someone else? my orig batt ran away and never came back. hay
and lady Shen was there! kewl!
the unit, it has the compressor and the 3 adjustment settings.  dang this thing is tiny.  
and the airbrush gun.
it was a fun experience yesterday, seeing Nabs again after so long.  meeting Alice and finding a new Korean telenovela fan LOL.  
thank you Nikki and Sophie for the opportunity.  you ladies are inspiring.


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