Friday, July 22, 2011

Blush of the Day: Ellana Fulfillment

My office mate finally received the samples she requested for from the ellana minerals website LOL and i had to, like just had to take pics and try the blush that was sent along LMAO, thanks Donna!  and here's fulfillment, yep, isang L lamang after the letter u otherwise you'd get the red squiggly lines on your spell check LOL.  from the zip lock bag it kinda reminded me of nars' orgasm once i apply the orgasm on my face. 
but actually it looks more like theBalm's hot mama both in the container and on my face as you shall see.  i like how ellana mineral blushes look so natural on me, i use theBalm's baby kabuki brush because LOL, it was the only thing that could fit through the mouth of the sample zip lock bag.  photo below under natural lighting. yep it's a great dupe for the theBalm's hot mama!
photo below with flash, and there's the satin gold finish.  hola! from the cam screen i thought the blush didn't photograph well, but when i was processing the pics already, ayun, awwww ishohpweeeteee
this made me wanna buy the 2.5g or at the very least the 1g later today still thinking, i wanna get their "hiliters" [the raspberry cappuccino one] which are their highlighters, sana maitama naman nila yung spelling since it's on the web, the world wide web. sorry i may suck at grammar and homonyms but i at least notice the red squiggly line of mister spell check, LMAO
oh by the way it only slightly faded, the blush remained on my face despite my oily combination skin.  and it only slightly oxidized on my cheeks.  which i liked actually, it kinda gave me a sun-kissed effect.

Do i recommend? most certainly! i love ellana minerals, how affordable they are and how lasting their products are in my vanity.
Will i purchase? yep, for sure!


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