Friday, July 22, 2011

Duty Free Haul: Revlon and yes 1 BB cream LMAO

For those of you who follow me on [my] twitter you may have caught one of my tweets at the wee hours of last friday morning at the duty free of Naia Terminal 1, yung makasaysayan [historic] and recently news worthy one.  my tweet generally went like this, "lol, di pa ko nakaka alis ng pinas may nabili na ko sa duty free natin!" the cosmetics and perfumes at this terminal 1 - mia was at the departure area [while there are very little if any cosmetics at the arrival area at naia-terminal1] that would be in the bigger ones of fiesta malls.
So seeing as i didn't get too much of the Korean stuff i went to Sg for, i made sure i'd get a few stuff at Changi before i went home since it was the people at naia 1 who already told me there wasn't much cosmetics at terminal 1's arrival area.
Taaadah....Changi's duty free area, i think the shops here are part of the GSS since the lumix zs20 was on sale for Sg$499, pohta [but i had no justification to get that since my zs3 performs well even in dim lighting, for my vids, and concerts so ayun, again, i held back LMAO].
the duty free shopping area of the BKK international airport was way bigger than Changi's but this is way better than our old naia-1, LOL which makes me wanna go to our new terminal 3! [by the way, terminal 2/centennial is not half bad and kinda reminds me of Changi, it's just that, haler, Changi is way cleaner and well maintained than our centennial.
these revlon colorburst i got from Naia-terminal 1.  weeee, i finally understand why this so popular.  i love revlon, i have a lot of their lippies but they mostly chap my lips, but these colorburst, O_O has not chapped my lips since i started using...rosy nude.  i even used it as my lip balm before i went to sleep each night while we were there! you know, just to test it.  huwow, super gets why this line is really popular among bloggers and youtube gurus.  for 4 lipsticks i paid us$36 san ka pa less than 400 per lipstick, [it's 500++ at the local malls]
and the ever popular photoready foundation.  Iya told me she really likes this foundation, so even with the neck and neck reviews for either liking it or totally hating it, i went ahead and got it, gawd, 900++ at the local malls, think i just got this for like 500++ O_O
it was either Shen or Nikki that featured the custom eyes, so naturally i got a pallet of my own LOL.  the testers seem pigmented enough and for 400++ (pesos) for something that sold expensively in manila, i said, huwaiii nat?
funny(?) story: i did find the dior snow [not duty free and not part of the gss] along orchard road was Sg$79 = around P2844 and it was too dark on me so i said, hmmm pass, i'm not a big girls generation fan anyway. 
so back at the duty free, no mac stall, so next!
i head to bobbi brown, how much is her bb cream? Sg$50.50=around 1800 so fine around p400 less expensive than buying it at rustans. 
but lo! there was a laneige counter, head on over. there was a sales MAN tagging along with me, so i asked for the price of song hye go's bb cream, he said Sg$49 so P1764 ish [i closed the forex at 1=36]. then there are 2 clinique booths to which we head on over.  and i asked how much the clinique bb is, and he said 47.5, so i tell him, "sold! for a dollar and 50 less!", i don't think i've ever made a dude, of a diff race at that, laugh so hard after i said that.
so i guess, all in all, not bad for someone who had no check in luggage, noh? i now haz 3 diff bb's in tow, a chinese one[the neutrogena-idk why it's chinese but that's what's written in the product insert i'll check again] a japanese one [the kate] and this clinique one [french?]
nakaka-addict mag duty free!  too bad my revlon colorstay liquid foundation in buff was not available, it was the only shade not available either O_O  and the mineral aqua hasn't gotten to the duty free counters yet, so alas, my hopes for getting that without tax was quashed, so those two factors pushed me to get the photoready, hopefully, i'd be on the side of people that really like the photoready LOL
i know my friend Leah and Charry's been to the Duty Free lately, anyone else who's been there lately?  share some comments, thoughts?


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