Thursday, July 14, 2011

Food Tripping: Gayuma ni Maria

Last Sunday, hero Tania dropped by to pick up a few things from theBenj's house and for dinner i decided to bring her here. 123 V. Luna Extension (Maginhawa st.) Sikatuna Village, Quezon City
LOL the menu board blinks
the cashier area
they turned the house's terrace area into a dining area as well.  oh yeah this used to be a house.
and the inner dining area
the mozzarella anchovy entree. this is served with sky flakes, super yum! specially when it arrives sizzling like it usually does.
my order, there's braised beef under that wonderfully mashed potatoes. the beef was very tender and sauce was deeeelightfully stewy
theBenj's order, barbecued ribs on the sweet side, woah so tender!
and hero Tania's order breaded chix with a cheesy topping LOL
blogging fail, my mind wasn't all there that evening, well my mind hasn't been there completely since they announced someone's return this August and therefore i couldn't note the awesome names the restaurant has for their wonderful dishes.  i even forget the winning name for this dessert.  it's something like better than sex LOL
well nothing beats sex, imho, but if you don't have a man or woman [depending on your preference], don't know how to use your fingers or too shy to buy a something battery operated, then possibly, maybe this could be better than sex. LOL, just saying, and well i'm an adult and happily with theBenj ♥
this is actually mine and theBenj's second visit to Gayuma, the first time was last Easter Sunday.  then we tried a chocolate gravy thing on fish or was it steak.  that was yummmmm, too.  they also converted the upstairs master bedroom to a dining area which is unique, imho, you get to see clothes, hahaha i don't know if they're for sale at may tukador [big drawer/closet].
i like the lutong bahay with a twist on their food.  the ambiance of the place is cute, too.  like a lover's forest nest tree house thingy.  and it's near walking distance [I can hear Tania saying naooo...well, theoretically barring bodies of water, everyplace is walking distance!]
Sino na na-gayuma sa inyo?


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