Thursday, July 21, 2011

Food Tripping in Singapore - warning pic heavy

our meal here was our last full meal while at Singapore.  ni-research pa ni jowa yan.  woot! to save up on our currency Tania and I just ate dimsum from 7/11 before the concert and after the concert we just had burger king LOL walang masahista sa burger king dun and no free wifi and phone charging area.  the next day we'd just eat at the food court at one of the malls.
the famous Zam Zam! and it's walking distance from our hotel. This restaurant has been around since the first decade of the 20th century O_O so yeah, it's over a hundred years old. it's very simple and it looks like a very clean version of the restaurants we have in Ongpin.

like everywhere in Singapore you see this sign: i wish we had these here in the Philippines.
i'm curious about that milo dinosaur LOL
the coffee drink it's kinda coffee-tea-ish, deelish!
the dips and a spice killer
and our orders
the chicken murtabak
and inside 
and the beef biryani:
 and there's a lot of beef cubes in it unlike the Indian place in Podium.  and look at that long grain! kanin palang ulam na!
they ask you how hot you want your food and there are 3 levels.
but actually, our first meal was here! LMAO
we arrived rather early so we couldn't check in our hotel yet.  separate post on that LOL
so we walked around and found the caff for the hospital was open while all other small places around our hotel were still closed.  [most shops open there by 1030-11am (including the malls)]
so for Sg$4.5 i ordered this, for once in our entire relationship i ordered something better than theBenj!  see, mine's boiling hot and it even had small flames.  hehehe the bowl isn't that deep but it had loads of fish, bola bola, and other sea food.  what i did was put the soup in my noodle bowl.  mali ata, pinagmasdan ako ng isang tao dun.  unless it's my foundation applied in a moving airplane ang tinitignan ni auntie!  the noodles were spicy but since i had that fish bowl, they complimented each other.
theBenj's order:  looks good noh? it actually is, just that i had more stuff in my soup bowl so for him my order was more dynamic.  eh well his order was a dollar less expensive naman than mine.  both meals were very gratifying!  just what we needed, warmth in our bellies after weee hours in the morning flight.
mahal ang tubig dun.  so we'd just tote around the complimentary bottled water from our hotel and that's it LOL. i got a head ache after this meal, so i think there was msg in this.  oh well, i'd suffer through that again, anyway i had a travel pack bottle of aspirin with me :P
i miss the food, i miss the cleanliness, i miss how considerate the people there are.  dito ikaw na binangga ikaw pa susungitan, oh ha.  oh well ayun lang.  kakamiss.


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