Sunday, July 10, 2011

Food Tripping Miss Polly's Cakes after eating at Burgoo

my order, the brown derby!!!  this is a cross between their classic chocolate cake but with mocha icing.  so if you're afraid to venture too far out from your comfort zone which is their classic best selling and award winning chocolate cake then this brown derby is the best first step you can try.
theBenj's order, the chocolate icebox, which i ate most of. :P  the icing is very cold, quite buttery and not too sweet at all.  the cake was quite fluffy coupled with the very light icing this is one cake that's quite deceiving.  you think you can have more since it seems so light, then bang! half way thru it i couldn't go back to my own cake LOL.
we had to wash it, the dinner we had, down with these Miss Poly's lovelies.  because we had dinner at 
we had the incredible shrinking 'buffalo' chicken wings, tadaaaah, i distinctly recall these being bigger O_O
but at least our dinner had big portions!
it doesn't look much? huwell.
this pasta bolognese means it when it serves two.  the sauce is tangy and a little too sour for my taste, just because i still remember how wonderful the pasta at Va Pensiero.  but i suppose for the big portion and passable pasta bolognese, this one from burgoo is ok.
theBenj's order below:
surprise surprise, it's meat!
and surprisingly more meat than just breading.  the gravy kinda ruined it for us but there was the ever reliable Lea & Perrins ® Worcestershire.
do you know that satiated feeling but you don't feel gratified?  that's how the hubby and i ended up feeling after eating at Burgoo.  funny, i didn't used to feel that way about burgoo.  i always thought it was the better tgif(?) taste-wise.  all three orders without drinks had a total cost of 1k++
soooo off to miss polly's we went.
Miss Polly's is well known for their chocolate cakes.  having grown up in merville i've known them like hehehe a long time.  They've also been featured in either myx or studio 23, i forget which show that was.  the show interviewed the two daughters who were very ecstatic to be expanding out of their mother's kitchen and are now at the Robinson's malls.  what caught my attention and made me laugh out loud, was the girls joking plea to try out their new stuff and it now Miss Polly's isn't all about their chocolate cake!  and so we did, and boy i love that brown derby and that chocolate icebox! their blue berry cheese is quite good too!  it's very cheesy!  
what was your last food tripping?  


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