Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Food Tripping: VA' PENSIERO at the Araneta Coliseum, Cubao

as some of you may know i went to the Kylie Minogue Aphrodite concert so i had the opportunity to visit araneta this week and my hubby and i had dinner prior to the concert at this place.
a really nice and cozy Italian place near the gen ad and ticketing area of the coliseum.  while you wait, they give you really nice soft bread and the balsamic has parmesan cheese
theBenj ordered this seafood pasta.  huwow, it's around PhP270 and it's good for two.  omg, this thing was a prelude to an awesome evening.  the sauce is an awesome yummy combination of home style tomatoey-salty-tarty goodness.  it slivers around the perfectly al dente pasta.  the clams and the shrimp were cooked just right meaning not over cooked.  it doesn't taste gamy at all.  the seafood backed up the tomato based sauce just enough to provide some sorta meaty flavor but for me the sauce was the star.  
and we thought there would be room for a 10 inch thin crust all meat pizza.  this is PhP300!  the dough is the type the owner actually spins up in the air so the very outer rim of the pizza is slightly thicker than the rest of the dough going inwards, you know, because of the centrifugal force LMAO 
and i love the place itself, it seems so cozy they serve wine here.  it's also a family owned place and owned by an Italian(s).  The place also serves wine.  naturally, right? what the best way to down these lovelies but with wine!?
total bill wasn't even PhP600! well we didn't order drinks.  the water here is something i'd actually drink!  no weird funky tastes in their water ♥  speaking of weird and funky pizzas.  they're having a pizza festival so if you're sick of the basic pizzas try out their newer flavors for PhP499 you get a 10 inch pizza and a bottomless drink wow!
will i come back here? yep, after the concert, Thor, Wil and I went back so they got a taste of it, too.
Do i recommend? definitely.  i think belini's is too far from the malls and i don't remember being blown away by belini's food, so i'd stick to this place ;-)


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