Thursday, July 28, 2011

CLOSED: Hathor2's Sigma and her 2year anniversary on youtube Giveaway! ENDS AUGUST 5


ADDENDUM: i've been asked if some of you can like my page and ff me on twitter with multiple accounts, i would like to be fair to people with just one account, instead, EACH EGG FOUND WILL NOW BE WORTH 2 ENTRIES.  ok? don't forget to post the link next to each of your answers.  happy hunting!

This my giveaway sponsored in part by Sigma Makeup for the miss taylor brush, the rest is from the goodness of my heart LMAO

The rules/mechanics are: 
  1. limited to the philippines
  2. subscribe to my youtube channel  - 1 entry pls provide your yt name
  3. like my facebook page  -  1 entry pls provide your fb name
  4. follow my blog thru the google friend finder by clicking on join this site on the right hand side of my blog under followers - 1 entry pls provide your google friend connect name name my blogger is here
  5. follow me on twitter @hathor2 -1 entry pls provide your twitter name
Further bonus entries will be given to those willing enough to find my easter eggs! there are 5, 1entry (now worth 2 entries) per egg found. an egg is randomly found in the blog posts that will answer the questions below
please provide the url of the post where the egg is, thank you

  1. of the-skinshop bb creams sent to me, which of the four is my favorite - green egg
  2. of the foundations i've reviewed which one is super favorite ever - bunny egg
  3. complete the phrase - there is ____ in that ____ by USS Voyager Capt Kathryn Janeway - brown egg
  4. what is the worst bb cream i've tried so far - pink egg
  5. what western brand that i 'had to give up on all ______ fr the _____ after i broke out' egg painted with bunny
by the way:  peeps for the answers to my easter egg hunt, the posts w/ the correct answer actually have a pic of an easter egg -- i've also corrected the placement of the object in relation to the subject on the title LMAO chaka ng title ko kanina sa giveaway :P

optional entries for:
  1. following sigma makeup on twitter @Sigma_Beauty  - 1 entry - provide your twitter user name
  2. liking sigma's fanpage - 1 entry provide your the fb name you used
  3. reposting this blog or youtube - 1 entry
  4. retweet this post and add @hathor2 so it would mention me - 1entry and provide the url on your comment here  - 1 click on the timestamp then copy & paste the url on your comment here
  5. share on facebook entry click on the timestamp then copy & paste the url on your comment here - 1 (super optional since of course, i understand your facebook walls are private)
please forgive the simplicity of my prizes, i wanted to just celebrate my over 600 yt subbies and over 500 fb likes, thanks so much to all of you.
entries will be drawn by randomizer
the prizes are:
third prize:
second prize:
FIRST PRIZE or winner with most number of entries
the miss taylor brush looks like this:
sample comments are
hi Marge:
i subscribed to your yt - my user name is
i followed you on twitter - i'm saccharine_ ;-)
i liked your facebook page - i'm Sugar

ENTRIES THAT SAY - ENTER ME will be deleted.
Contest/Giveaway ENDS AUGUST 05, 2011


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