Friday, July 8, 2011

Kikay Rave - An Evening with Kylie Minogue an Aphrodite - A Beauty, A Survivor, An Icon

Though I'm not a hard core Kylie Minogue fan, I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to see this performer live on stage. so even though almost late, I was able to get a ticket and happened to have the opportunity to see her performance, her stage, her grace with friends Thor and Wil.
I was there at the araneta area early enough that the hubby and i got to mall around gateway and even had a lovely dinner at Va Pensiero.  After that, the hubby handed me off to Thor and Wil for our night with the mighty Aphrodite herself, Kylie Minogue.  some press where there and i was making fun and mimicking people coming out of a box office hit movie and saying ano kaya kung mainterview tayo!? sisigaw ako ng ang galing galing! ang ganda!...ayan tuloy, some lady from abs confronted me and asked me a few questions.
well, i doubt if my little trip down memory lane would make it out of the editing room, but i did note that Kylie is an inspiration for the simple fact that she is STILL around.  that looking the way Kylie does after surviving cancer is really a feat that should inspire us all.  leche, nalimutan ko mga title ng recent hits nya so my favorite song tuloy is 'specially for you!' hala, and thus the age is once again revealed.  oo, inabot ko po ang neighbors hahaha, pati Australian soap, pinapatos hahaha.
finally we go in and saw it that it was almost a mini mardi gras.  i love the outfits of our she-rahs.  ahhhm kahit kay pokwang with her silver shining shimmering riding hood, keri na rin!  my last tweet was, oh ayan, andito na ang ganda, si vice ganda, can we start the concert naooo?  aba, as soon as vice arrived, the lights were turned off and tadaahhh the show began, about 8:45P
you know for something that looks like a vegas show at the Venetian i didn't find it tacky or matronly at all.
in fact it was fun and cute! the rearrangement of some of her songs like can't get you out of my head was rockin though still had the club beat flare.
of course she'd come in her little greek goddess costume! good on you, girl!  i super love it!
did take some videos, hahaha some? how bout lots hahaha la lang, i loved the stage, the dancers and the spartacus concept LMAO. hay naku, it isn't fair i didn't get to see leader's bare chest in bangkok but this show is allowed. san ka pa, ikaw na, Kylie!
there was a video screen behind us and i got to see, somewhat up close the wonderful makeup she had on.  naturally it was gold with dark pinky red lips befitting Aphrodite/Venus herself!
nakaka loka mga dancers ni ate! they are buff!  and well, if you can't see our petite princess-queen, everyone else could be LMAO
her final costume.
and while her cast of dancers change outfits she had her little talk with us and how some of us in the audience have been with her from her very beginning...hala queue ...specially for you! LMAO



lol this video wall, from synchronized swimming, to artful lean or muscular men ala greek statues dancing or swimming, the video wall was a show in itself. but naturally since i'm an 80's kid, this one is close to my heart. yep the spool rotates like the tape is winding!
a greek style Venus bust, naturally!
her finale with golden confetti. hay, the length of the show was just right. and somehow no matter how many butt cheeks kept showing, it was still tasteful? O_O
time may not have been too kind to her, but you'd never notice it! she's always that bubbly little Australian chikka. our doctor's one time companion in a doctor who special.
Kylie thank you for gracing us with your lovely, may i please have your doctor's number for future reference? LOL
I actually have even more vids, out of the 16g of sd memory i had, i used up almost 15! O_O awww this cam, i heart you panasonic lumix dmc-zs3!!!


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