Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mirienda Mistake: M's Kitchen on Matino St, Sikatuna Village

it was a lazy afternoon and the hubby forbade to sleep as i would have great difficulty to sleep in a little while after i post this.  so we chose to haul some booty and walked about a block from the house to Bialeti, this sweet little cafe up the street.  but alas, it was closed.  so we didn't want to waste the walk we opted to go in the next door, M's kitchen.
it was quite refreshing as there was only theBenj and I and a group of gentlemen waiting to find a place to sit and relax away from the searing humidity just beyond the doors.
There is free wifi in this place, but there is a charge if you plug in your electronics as advised the group of gentlemen across our table.
theBenj's original order, the open faced burger was not available so he ended up ordering the chicken lollipop. the chicken lollipops took  a bit of time to arrive but when it did...tadaaah.  nothing orgasmic but the crunchy texture of the breading is quite good, i should say.
while i ordered the chicken quesadilla.
as beautiful and mouthwatering as it is, it only looks good.  it lacked everything.  it lacked chicken, it lacked cheese, it lacked taste, the only thing it didn't lack was the pita.  it's quite disappointing.  and it was cold in the middle.  the sauce it came with was pretty damned good, i'd have to say though.
i couldn't take a decent pic of the entire place because across us was a semi/former star.  well, he was a star when i was young, i actually bought a few of those sodas he endorsed.  yep, i'm not young inabot ko si Regine sa lunch date complete with her shoulder pads like she was an american foot ball player which sorta means i saw her before she had a bridge.  so going back, across our table was a person from that era or was it 90's? and i wanted to give him some privacy.
but after he and his not so quiet crew left, i was able to take a picture of the outside of the place
will we come back here? for 572 total bill for nothing fantastic food? i don't think so.  had each order been like 150 my hubby explained then he would excuse the kitchen for giving us not so great food.  we also surmised that my chicken quesadilla was most likely a dish the chef didn't do much.
our next trip would be the next door coffee shop, Bialeti's, like we originally intened which, sadly is closed on sundays.  ah dumb luck.  thanks to twitter though, i learned that you can get things across, and you can get a decent approach by a guy who may not be able couldn't control the people he was with(?) but at least was able to acknowledge the situation at hand.  for that i tweeted back and thanked him for the quite refreshing gesture.  kudos to him.


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