Saturday, July 9, 2011

NOTD: The Perfect OPI DS Glow & Illuminate Dupe! Etude House 3D BR006

below is a pic by blogger Sylkii and on her nails is the OPI DS Glow.
while below is a pic by blogger jen tran for OPI DS Illuminate
but i find that the EH -BR006 is really much closer, specially in real life to DS Glow as below by blogger
depending on the light it can be more of the cool gold or warmer gold as below by
and yours truly's cam-whoring on her new nails
i think i'm getting addicted to etude house nail polishes specially their lucid darling fantastic nails and now this 3D.  the formula is as easy to apply as the lucid darling fantastic nails.  it dries fairly quickly but not too quickly just enough for you to go over any mistakes you have had on your first coat.
see? depending on the light it can go from bright gold to more of a coppery frost so in my eye it's a great dupe of either the ds glow or illuminate from OPI
isa pa, LOL
and another similar to the very first pic but with a slightly different lighting. 

frankly, for the price, the cute packaging, the way they copy the high end brands, their close proximity there's really no doubt that i'll be sticking to these Korean brands.  i super wanna buy all the shades LOL.  
next up, the face shop's hologram nail color, their version of the ds LOL
what's on your nail this weekend?


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