Monday, July 18, 2011

Review: The Body Shop Vitamin E Neck Gel

and the back of it
and the on the back of my hand
and blended at the back of my hand
i actually got curious about this product, i mean, a separate product for the neck?  i understand why some people buy into the eye cream as a separate racket from the rest of the face creams but a separate product for the neck? and uhm it's not a gel LOL it's just like a lotion only more viscous in a way.  it gets absorbed rather quickly and it smells very hmmm lady like a little like a berry scent.
sorry no pictures of my ghostly white neck.
  • smells good
  • very smooth and creamy to apply
  • easily and quickly absorbed the skin of my neck
  • moisturizing but no greasy feeling.
  • upside down squeeze tube makes it hygienic
  • the price, for what it is (and in my opinion for most of their lines) the body shop is over-priced.  ever noticed how the body shop [at least in the Philippines] always have some mark down sale? they probably know that they're over priced, too.
  • a separate product to keep the skin of your neck supple and moisturized, hmmm i don't i'll buy into that, thank you very much
Do I recommend this: if you like opening and applying many things on top of your lotion on your hands, legs, body, on top of your serums, emulsions, separate eye cream, then go ahead this product is for you ;-)
Will I repurchase? nope


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