Saturday, July 2, 2011


This is Etude House's line for covering or improving how pores look like on your face.  i got these as a loot.
they are samples and are not for sale.
i've begun using these since i've used up my tony moly pore clear set.  so i thought of giving this a go as i'm still on a shopping sorta diet.
the emulsion is in the middle of being runny to having a light lotion type of consistency.  and gets absorbed quite quickly.  
on top of the emulsion, i apply the serum. since this set didn't come with any instructions, i apply these like i applied my skin food peach sake skin care set  but usually they say that the serum is applied first then the emulsion.  which i'm a little iffy on since the emulsion is runny, i want that to get absorbed and dry off from my face first before i apply something thicker like a serum.  that way i don't ball up any product on my face. ;-)
this, too, get absorbed pretty quickly but it gives my face quite a silky finish.  it's feels very dimethicone-y.
and here's my face after all that (in the morning) before i apply makeup.  it's kinda bright where i took this pic, but my dark circles are usually deeper and more violet and i'm nursing a few scars from when i dug out big black heads last week.
  • so far has not given me any break outs nor have i developed ginormous black heads ahem shu bb cream
  • very smooth and creamy to apply
  • both are absorbed quickly which helps my morning routine 
  • helps in smoothing out my face the way a primer does.  like i mentioned it's quite dimethicone-y in feeling.
  • the scent very light citrusy kind of scent
  • 15ml for samples?  that aren't sachets? hehehe this set is lasting me more than a week, and i apply these twice a day, so morning and at night.
  • from these two above, none that i can think of
Will I purchase the actual size:  i'm seriously thinking about it.
Do i recommend:  as i've said before about pores.  they are like scars, the only way to make them look shallow is by peeling either the abrasive way like diamond peels or the chemical way.  don't buy in to the promise of these pore care lines that eventually your pores will go away.  pores are worse than scars, some scars actually fade, while pores they even get bigger.
What skin care are you on?


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