Wednesday, July 27, 2011

REVIEW: The Face Shop Herb Day Lip & Eye MAKEUP Remover

guess what? this post is STILL about my sg trip LMAO. 
because theBenj and i only had carry ons, i had to make sure that what i was carrying was very light that way i could buy stuff and not be too burdened with the weight on the way back because even on the way back, we still only had carry ons and had no check in i took what few sheets i had left from this correctly labeled product from the face shop.  you know what i mean? it actually says lip and eye MAKEUP remover [where as their biphasic oil/water lip and eye makeup removers do not] behold
and it isn't just EH LOL even skin food has their own eye and lip remover! photocred to
ah well kudos to the face shop for being different.  la lang, i'm nuts pointing out stuff like that :P
back to the tfs facial tissues. 
i have on water proof gel liner from tony moly, sorry the eye makeup is no longer seen in such lighting conditions.  tulog na si jowa when i took this so i had to be in the loo of our room.
and below all traces of gel liner and waterproof mascara is gone hehehe you can see my broken capillaries on my lid :
and the tissue after
this size of this is kinda surprising if your used to
the face shop's well at least this herb day one is half the size of happy teatime, so i guess it's really for the eyes and lips only? LOL  but the face shop's herb day face wipes are only php175 so i guess that's ok.

  • because of its smaller size, it was good for me since i needed things compact for travel 
  • huwow this works on waterproof mascara and waterproof gel liner, i'm impressed ♥
  • it was wet (w/c i like) and not soaking like my happy tea time from EH
  • so it doesn't drip from the tissue or your fez
  • it works on long wearing foundations like my colorstay and mineral aqua
  • works well on lips, too, doesn't dry out my lips after or make my lips chap
  • at PhP175 for 30 sheets, it's compact size, and for what i needed for my trip, this particular product, imho is worth it's price considering it's from the face shop ;-)
  • the scent, it smells like old paper for some reason, the plant or grass / newly mown hay is there quite faint but mostly smells like old paper or grass O_O
Will I repurchase: yep, definitely
Do I recommend? for sure!


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