Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Product Description:
Minisize U is an aesthetic pore care line formulated with fermented rice wine sediment to nourish and tighten pores.
Minisize U Massage Peeling Pack is a pore cleansing facial scrub pack that gently exfoliates to remove dull cells with gentle massage and moisturizing facial pack
Active Ingredients: Fermented Rice Wine Lees and Glycolic Acid
it's a kinda rubbery creamy consistency
then it would feel powdery
and the aftermath LOL the crud from the back of my hand hahaha
Initially I thought that this a product you apply on your face then wait for it to dry then you carefully peel off your skin.  then i read further it says massage peel...so google google.  and then I learned that the product balls up under your fingers in between the skin of your fingers and the skin of your face.  the product is very gentle and soft on the skin, and it's like rubbing super soft dough on your face.  it has a light citrusy scent which i like.  it's the same scent on the toner, serum and emulsion.  after you're pretty sure you've massaged the crud out of your facial skin, what is left behind is a very light oily residue on your face.  you can wash it off with a gentle facial foam or wipe it off with the toner.  it leaves a very soothing and smooth after effect.
  • the scent
  • the smooth feeling it gives after i treat myself to this
  • the obligatory massage you need to do to use this product properly this is always good to stimulate circulation in the skin on your face
  • no violent reaction from my skin
  • the packaging in this mini size
  • so so cleanser i prefer the peel off masks
  • the packaging for the full size comes in a tub, so you need a spatula or have to scoop out the product with your bare fingers or use surgical gloves O_O
Do i recommend? only if you're into these kinds of routines.  i'm kinda too lazy for this.
Will I purchase the full size: No
What masks are you using these days?


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