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Disclaimer: this product was sent to me to try out.  i am not paid for this review.  this is my honest review of this product that i've tried daily for 5days.  I will have an over all review on the skin shop's bb creams that were sent to me by the end of the month or at least by the first week of August posted on my youtube channel.  They also sent me literature on the products, claiming that their products are made of all natural ingredients with pictures of plants. ^_^
Product Description:

Functional cosmetics (whitening+wrinkle alleviation+ultraviolet rays blocking)
- (Three types) functional product that whitens and alleviates wrinkles in addition to blocking  
ultraviolet rays, and it maintains the skin, tired and roughened by hazardous external environment,  
- Liver spots, freckles and others are covered naturally, and cactus, gallnut, rosemary extract
moisturize the skin.
- Size : 40g
- Skin type : for all skin types
- Method of use: Take small amount after applying basic make-up and spread on the face and neck.

As they were packaged together, this review will contain the review for both items.
i love this cap, it keeps the product in just in case the plunger gets pushed downwards, so it keeps the product in. it's a block and a stopper.
the product on the back of my hand looks like a thick foundation
and slightly blended on the back of my hand
and thoroughly blended
just the bb cream on my face with concealer under my eyes and blemishes/scars, photo below taken without flash.
photo below taken with flash, yikes LOLon the reflective side
a complete face using the setting powder that came with the box photo below taken without flash
and with flash below:
and in brighter daylight
this bb cream is the second of the bb creams from the-skin shop that i was sent for review.
some thoughts on the bb cream:
the packaging is very handy and for me, better than the fatter skin79, but the pump is the same as the skin79 one.  the bb cream itself very easy to apply, blends quite easily and smells wonderful.  it smells  a little like baby powder, quite girly.  the coverage is light to medium coverage and slightly build-able.  the shade is slightly darker than my skin, but just slightly.  it sets quite fast and feels smooth.
and now for the setting powder that comes with the bb cream:
it's a loose powder so there are holes at the top
i only exposed 2 holes to keep from the thing exploding in my bag.
and the powder blended on the back of my hand on top of the bb cream
some thoughts on the the loose powder that came with it:
the packaging could be deeper so that the powder doesn't explode upwards every time you move it or even tap it.  it's messy but it's the nature of loose powders, that's why they have containers that are big tubs so you have space to shake the powder around and still contain it.  this powder is better applied with a powder brush instead of the puff that came with it.  but the powder puff that did come with it is super soft and i love it and i'd use that on a pressed face powder.
As this post is getting longer than my usual posts, i'll make it short but to the point with yet another table.  yes, friends, once again, i visit my one time hobby and job description when i used to be a netsol agent.  seriously, i feel like i knew so much more 10 years ago than i do now!? hahaha the only thing in addition to what i've learned in the last 3years is how to pivot, vlookup and make a macro LMAO, phhhft. (oh well not withstanding all i've learned from youtube and beauty bloggers, of course and a little hangugo) :-D
Aspect Magic Science BB Setting Powder
Shade Match a little dark on me, but i can pull it offeven darker on me.  i cant pull it off
Coveragelight to mediumlight
Finishmidway matte-satinmatte
Sun ProtectionSPF25 PA ++ enough for indoors n/a
Lasting Power4-6 hoursuse this to touch up
Oil Controlmoderatelight to moderate
Oxydationslight-even while using a diff setting powder my face got darkern/a
Break Outnonenone
Reflective w/ flash photographyyes but manageablen/a
Scentlight baby powderold rubber foam!
Packaginglike skin79, but thinner, awesome! needs to be deeper
Recommend-abilityDefinitely for girls with NC25 or higher, I recommend thisfor girls NC30 or higher
Will I purchase?for now i prefer the previous, Premium Secret BB from them, so no no, too dark on me
What bb cream have you been using?


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