Friday, August 19, 2011


The Face Shop Philippines has announced on their latest facebook album their winners for their raffle HERE
YEP, imma gonna see this face.  the Asian sensation with half a bldg's worth of tarpaulin at trinoma, kim hyun joong.  and it's going to be through the face shop.
this is one of the best gifts ever.  as a korean cosmetics beauty blogger and that one of the most beautiful faces in the kpop industry will be gracing the Philippines, again, this is one of the best things i could hope for!  and this time i won't just get a wiff of his after shave, i'll actually have a photo together with him and this time, he won't be blocking me hahaha
like last year ayun oh, ako yun bunbunan sa likod ng naka hair band na pink at likod ni leader.  yeah, if you look closely you get to see my right eyebrow hahaha, choSS
i can sleep now, well gonna try to, anyway :P


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