Saturday, August 20, 2011

Blog Event: Shen's Addiction Readers at a Clinique PartY

 as one of the 12 respondents to Shen's Shout out for her own Clinique party, i got to be apart of another clinique party.  my previous one was with Nikki of last May.
and today was Shen of's turn.  Joining her is her bff Jheng of
 Shen was sharing her wisdom with a lot of us, well, they both were ;-)
treats, like last time, was provided by Bizu.
 i like the carrot cake and that thing with the white sauce LOL.
the product display for their cosmetics.  it's PhP1100 for their really, as in really nice long lasting know what that means for me, clue it's two words and the first word starts with D and the second word starts with the letter F LMAO.
 their men's line.  it's quite interesting actually, it's something to think about for me to give to theBenj on special occasions.
 Clinique's women's skin care, on that lazy susan.
 today though, i arrived without makeup, i didn't even apply sunscreen, lol, i'm bad.
 so today, the consultant, not the same one that didn't really listen to me last may, my new consultant, saw that i have visible pores, my broken capillaries, under eye dark circles, and oily t-zone! hurray. 
so the lady used the dramatically different moisturizer GEL specific for oily combination skin.  and this time i got to have a make over. LOL, Shen and Jheng and others have pix of me of the before.  but generally i look like a girl needing a pint of blood infused fast drip, stat!
 i got to use their newer foundation, too.  it's the derma white bright C liquid makeup with spf 38 pa +++, i was deemed an ivory shade.  i forget the plummy eye shadow duo used on me.  but for lips they used the chubby in whoppin' watermelon.  it's a balm a very tinted lip balm.  i'll skip this one =( it's the type of balm that will form that white strip of line at the back of your lips at the entrance of your mouth.
so here i am, after having made up by someone else for a change.  the lady combined their pore minimizer and the foundation around my t-zone area to cover up my visible pores.  then just the foundation by itself on the rest of my face.  that thing is way watery, gossmakeupartist will have a thing or two to say about that LOL.
 and without my dariya fringe holder, yep ang salompas sa ulo.
 and now with the flash on.  awww i like this foundation on me.  it's not reflective and looks very natural on me.
the au naturale eye makeup on me
 it's a cool plummy lavendar shade.  as a base though the lady used a cool pink cream to powder eye shadow.  i think it's a tad cool for my skin shade.  and they didn't curl my lashes.  they were banking on the curling effect, it just so happens i have really stubborn lashes that grow downwards.
our blooming Shen ^_^ isn't she positively blooming?!  it's what happens to a woman when the previous day she celebrates her anniversary with her uber supportive jowa ;-)
 and below is my achie, well theBenj's achie ^_^ and the sexy legs, Jheng ^_^
 i met Alice at the last Clinique party with Nikki and here we are again LOL the kpop chix addicted to makeup LMAO
 oh ha ^_^
 one last shot before Cynthia, my sister in law, Alice and I had to leave.
oh Shen gave all of us a bracelet she herself made! ^_^
and finally, at the end of the day.  my thoughts on the foundation.  it sets after about 30mins.  yeah, it's long.  then it does this song and dance number with the pore minimizer and my nose oils and it kinda looks cakey around the first 30mins.  then after another hour or two i blot and the oils, cakey-ness ends to a wonderful very natural finish.  it didn't oxidize, didn't settle into my pores.  it just looks radiant on me.  and i like cupid (the blush used) on me, very fresh faced looking.
 omo, i was given a derma white city block anti pollution spf40 pa +++ sampler!  the full sized is quite huge so i'm glad i was given this.   i was given another mascara.  and a bi-layer makeup remover.  
it was fun meeting up with the bloggers again, and I MET KEI!!!  she's a frequent commenter on my blog, too.  i like how even her skin was to begin with.  her makeup was just like a cherry on top of an already flawless facial skin ;-) nice to meet you Kei!
and plugging: by the way, the clinique bb cream will be out next week at an srp of PhP1850  according to their OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PAGE
how was your Saturday?  hahaha, the sister in law and i hopped in the F21 Sale <--- my blog announcement there LMAO

Thanks so much to Shen for the opportunity :-D


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