Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Blush of the day: Ellana Minerals Blush in Bunny - Possible Dupe to theBalm's Hot Mama

it was a weekend, and hola SM! naturally, i pass by Ellana Mineral's Kiosk ☺ it's just one of those things i do LOL.  part of my rounds LOL.
Bunny is part of the newer blushes, along with happiness, fulfillment, and kitten.  It had me at pale peach with rosy pink shimmer. uhum it was either hot mama or nar's orgasm LOL in the pan or sample jar they are quite similar.
even on my finger swatched they are quite similar
but last night i guess the light was not happy with me so hot mama, who's usually more peachy orange than the orgasm was now much hotter pink than its usual self so side by side with bunny it seems as though i have orgasm on the left and bunny on the right
ang kulit, but on my post comparing hot mama and the orgasm, here, hot mama is the peachier one and orgasm was the pinker one LMAO.
but the effect on my cheek is quite similar anyway
below is the pic with theBalm's hot mama on my right cheek.  awww the sun and proper lighting! i miss you!
while the pic below is from the other day, so kindly excuse the rather gray, dull lighting, sorta.  this is bunny on my right cheek below
once again depending on the lighting, there is some rosy pink shimmer in the bunny, some LOL
Aspect TheBalm's Hot Mama Ellana's Bunny
Shimmer finner sheenslightly bigger glitters
Shadedepending on the light has more pinkmore peach
Finishmore sheen and shimmer buffing out takes the sheen away
Oxidationturns more dark orange throughout the dayturns darker throughout the day
Lasting Powerall day without retouchall day without touch up
Pigmentationheavy enough that it's sold as blush shadowcan be used the same as theBalm's hot mama
Break Outnonenone
Scentnone none
Packaging40's pin up girls, what's not to like?mineral powder jar, i only exposed 2 holes for less mess
PricePhP750 at the beauty bar180 for the bigger jar, 100 for the smaller
Recommend-abilitydefinitely, it has a mirror, cute packaging & can pass for an orgasm dupeof course! it's a good dupe for the hot mama, it's Pinoy, it's inexpensive
Will I repurchase?my next theBalm purchase will be their dupe for nars' angelikamy next purchase will be kitten ;-)


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