Thursday, August 25, 2011

Finally my own review: Revlon Photoready-i saw no sparklies

Finally, i get to this controversial foundation.  as some of you may know my hg foundation is the revlon colorstay liquid foundation with soft plex for oily to combination skin with spf 6.  that foundation was with me throughout its shelf life of 24mos upon opening through christmas parties and thru araneta general admission-super show 2 hell and back [super junior 2010].  
but in 2010, revlon decided to come out with something that may compete with the makeup forever hd foundation and what they came up with was the photoready.  
the only reason why i'm a year late on this band wagon is that it's PhP900++ here in the Philippines (while the colorstay liquid is PhP825) and there are two groups of people who either love or despise the photoready.  i was not willing to put out almost 1k of my money only to find out i'm one of the people that despise the photoready.  so when i saw it at Changi  airport's duty free at just about PhP550 i thought, well 500 is an ok loss if it doesn't work out on me, so i finally, i bought it.  
and like everyone and their grandmaW, i love love, super love the pump that comes with the photoready. DEAR REVLON:  HOW BOUT IT? PUT THE SAME PUMP ON THE COLORSTAY?  
to see the ingredients, pls click the pic below to enlarge the pic.
i use 003 shell, which is a shade a little, as in just a tad darker than my neck but just a little lighter than the skin on my face. so at least i don't look completely sallow like when i use buff (my shade on the colorstay liquid)
it has light to medium coverage, as you can see, the green vein is only covered slightly, like a veil covering of some sort.
camwhoring time:
me using the foundation on top of a bb cream as a primer, the photoready foundation, and the revlon colorstay mineral aqua finishing powder photo below is taken without the flash on.
 photo below taken with the flash on.
 in sun light.
no shimmers.  i was almost kicking myself in the butt for not buying this when it exploded onto the market.
granted there are some shimmers that i can see on the back of my hand that the camera didn't pick up.  but i would hardly call that a disco ball, let alone, cullen-nesque.
so my main tip:  SHAKE IT BAYBEE, SHAKE IT!

  • the pump! it can't be said enough
  • the shade match, i prefer the shade match with this one vs buff, hello importers of revlon to manila, how bout importing ALL  the shades of the colorstay?
  • coverage? sorta, since my skin is behaving and not breaking me out until that final moment when i'm about to have my monthly visitor.  so the coverage of light to medium is ok by me.  it covers my broken capillaries well enough, and adds additional coverage to my pores [though there are days that i do still apply my revlon age defying concealer in light for my under eye circles, but not all days]
  • NO SCENT, homaygha.  yep, unlike the colorstay liquid foundation which smells like paint thinner, the photo ready does not smell like anything.
  • staying power, yep, lasts on my face.  i don't end up smudging it off with my oil blotting films
  • didn't break me out, no new black heads, no millia, no white heads.
  • does not oxidize on me. which the colorstay eventually does, after about 6-8 hours.
  • MUCH easier to remove than the colorstay.  hahaha, man, it was glintzy of youtube that said you can almost go swimming with the colorstay on and the foundation will stay on just don't rub your face!
  • works well with the finishing powder from the mineral aqua line
  • spf20 which is more than i can say for the colorstay!
  • is not reflective on flash photography which leads me to my last like
  • takes great photos...yes folks, it's this and the shu uemura underbase for me tomorrow!
  • suggested retail price in the philippines.  i mean 900++ for a drugstore brand? pwes, it's the duty free or i can have someone fr the states get me this.
  • glass bottle, i've replaced the colorstay, something quite chemically more potent in a plastic gel/lotion container with pump, and nothing happened to the formula.  i guess it would 'cheapen' the product if it's not in a glass bottle?
  • zero oil control
  • no variant for oily combination the way the colorstay has
  • has fewer shades than the colorstay
Will i repurchase:  oh yeah, you bet
do i recommend.  yep.  yes, yes, yes!  ok, if you're a little iffy, have a make over done at the revlon counter, at least they'd shade match you, then walk around the mall, mull it over.  take a pic of yourself with your worse cam, if you still look good, then get it ^_^
Is it my hg?  i haven't tested this in hellish conditions such as the queuing at the general admission for 12 hours at araneta, nor am i likely to do that ever again.  but i will amend this once i find out this melts off just cuz i stay at the parking area of sm for longer than 2 hours O_O

what are your thoughts on this photoready? and it's controversy?


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