Saturday, August 27, 2011

Food Tripping: Five Cows at Trinoma and Kebab Factory at SM Mega

Tatay ko oh, umeksena pa LOL.  as my dad now prefers to meet me at trinoma for our monthly lunches.  theBenj and I are now ending up finding these restos we haven't tried.  and recently we tried five cows since their flyer says they'd be giving us free ice cream cakes for every steak meals something.
 here's the interior.  kinda cozy, barn
 it's quite well kept and i like the lighting.
our orders:
theBenj had the steak salpicao
 dad had the chicken bbq
 i had the liempo ribs
but the promo for the ice cream cake is only available per 1 receipt, so we thought that if we ordered the same thing we'd get three ice cream cakes hahaha, fat chance i suppose.
the service wasn't the fastest.  but the food was obviously newly cooked and not simply reheated.
fair warning.  this is one of the maaaaaaannny restaurants in the Philippines that keep dispensing butter knives instead of serving steak knives.  soooooo, the lady across from us may have had her flu shot on her good arm bec she had her 'friend' cut her meat for her.
and yep, the liempo i had was still putting up a fight with me as well, and all i had in my arsenal was a stupid butter knife.  sa susunod manok ang order-in (doh)
all three orders were nothing orgasmic, but i guess you get what you pay for.  for the 3meals we only paid 663.  this is one of the restaurants that only takes off the 20% per senior citizenship card per meal.  unlike sbarro's where the entire order accounted is for when taking off the senior citizen discount.
five cows is better known for their sweet treats.  so if you were thinking of trying don't pay attention to my ramble.  i did enjoy the ice cream cake a great deal ^_^
now for my fave mall, mega (well that and rob gale)
i thought i'd be able to catch this.
i used to like kebab factory. a lot.  but last couple of visits.
 i noticed the jasmine rice had shorter and shorter grain. ick
 while the prices remained almost fine dining prices.
and then the festival i wanted to catch is only available mon-thurs.  
 good heavens, they had better be available on monday, hindi excuse ang holiday kung nasa tarp ay mon to thurs!
the all around sauces
 my usual sweet lassi ^_^
 theBenj had the lamb kebab.
 i had the chicken bbq
the food is like this... ang sarap sana kaso ang konti!  for the price.
but between this and arya at the podium, i'd still go back here at kebab factory.  
it made me zamzam
since we've been having kinda mediocre food theBenj thought it best to go with me to moa yesterday and treated me, hero Tania and Dek for a lovely lunch looking at the bay at Abe's.  it made all the difference.
scrumptious meal at Abe's for 4 people about 3k, having a supportive husband who was even more giddy for me at the the face shop event yesterday and who treated us to lunch, while we yapped about even more korean guys, now that ladies is priceless.
Au-ghost pala ha, screw that, i haz this great man that can erase any negativity from any fandom, whether it be from new worlds alliance who can't pm, to some girls being nega over my win, my broken mirror, (huge mirror/sliding door for my cabinet) to being mistaken for a guess store clerk.
yes, through it all, even the event yesterday, i can come home to theBenj.  my rock.
 over all it was a good week, i got to find out who my real friends are, i got to see in a magnified way how blessed i am having a rock like theBenj.  got to be in a face shop international event, fair and square, no need for likes on a facebook pic LOL.  got to spend time with triple s philippines and i got to have lunch with great company.  
i'm glad Au-ghost is ending.  time to clear the table.

PS.  four day weekend folks, i'll wait for my pic from the face shop phils hopefully by thurs or friday it'll be up


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