Monday, August 22, 2011

HAUL: SALE Weekend at Forever 21, Etude House, The Face Shop, Shoes, Tony Moly, Kim Hyun Joong

DISCLAIMER: stuff posted here weren't purchased all in one weekend.  these were purchased over the course of at least 2-3 pay days. 
The gods of olympus have been naughty with me but in the 3rd week of August they have decided to give me a reprieve and finally smiled on me.  First, was Shen's Clinique party that, as the gods would have it, i would be free that Saturday so i goW.  Then forever 21 would be having a weekend sale and coincidentally enough it was at the makati branch.  so while the other ladies at Shen's Clinique Party were being given their consultation/makeover, my achie and i sneaked in at F21 and took advantage of the sale.  the three blouses below i all got at half off ☺
i like this tomato red color and i think my cat does, too! LOL but hmmm he was looking at the socks?  does your cat dive into your sock drawer like mine does???
dedma si muning sa last blouse. LOL
overall, it was a pretty fair deal.  the queues at the fitting rooms were ridiculously long, good thing i know that i'm either an S/P or M/M.  although i was told by my office mate that some hanguk people didn't see the need to waste their time queuing up at the fitting rooms for items that they can simply pull over their tall and slender bodies and get an approximation if it fits them.  so some ajusshis (pinoy ones) got to see some ladies in their tidy whities O_O.  so yeah it does get that crazy at F21 during their sale weekends.
can you believe i escaped in less than 20mins? and got back to Shen's Clinique party in time for more photo-ops LOL.
yesterday though, i got to do some daughterly duties and got to provide for my abeoji for their utilities and got to buy him a new pair of new balance casuals at 10% at planet sports in trinoma.  but hola, i turn around and saw it was half off fr Keds! and got this pair, navy canvassy-suedy- samkindachorva.
but even before this and even before before my little splurge at Naf Naf i got this pair at the Robinson's Dept store as part of their season ender sale: both the keds and the sandals below were purchased on half off.
back to Korea-land, this is what greeted theBenj and I as we entered the block at sm city (north/west)
and i got me a few items to replace the ones i'm running out of. click the picture below to enlarge.  my office mate has that concealer eye liner brush, i got to use hers and decided i get my own LOL.  i got the brush below almost for free, by the way, since i used my rcbc citrus card to pay for the snail cream.  on top of getting the brush almost for free i got that nifty mirror...see the girl in the middle, that's a mirror!
At tony moly finally i get the last of the GT series nail polishes the shade i was missing and it's this one, the 'earth shade'
up close it looks like this: pls click on the pic to enlarge and see the splendor of Earth.
at the face shop as part of their Kim Hyun Joong meet and greet promo i had to buy these lovelies below to avail of the raffle tickets.  aww will you look at that, i actually repurchased something, their herb day lip and eye MAKEUP remover.  i purchased their cracked nail polish, too.  and i'll use that soft salmon shade as the undercoat.  gray and salmon, hmmmm.  got another korean version of leader's solo album as per promo mechanics and yep, more of those free serum stuff. 
and from a triple s philippines member, Jhed, i ordered leader's photobook/calendar diary thingy.
so in the package you get pages upon pages of leader's mug in different photo shoots, and the other booklet is a calendar/diary.  yeh, we think he's an alien not just because his face is too beautiful for this planet but the way he is, he process ideas quite differently and has since been dubbed as 4D (no, not 4D which is what time is in relation to the space time continuum).  i actually don't know and do not care where the fans got the idea of calling a guy with a different way of processing things as 4D, i guess they're just not happy calling the guy weird or eccentric or just plain different.  so yeah by that tone, i don't agree with the  term.
a little announcement nyahahaha:
except for the Charm travel pro brushes, i'm going to be on a shopping diet until december hahaha.  and i have to blog it.  that way y'all can yell at me if buy another piece of clothing, kpop merch, and of course, cosmetic/makeup. 
at any rate, i've got loads to blog and review on LOL
so how has your sale weekend?


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