Monday, August 1, 2011

The Korean Music Wave - Farewell July and Singapore I miss you

it's only August 1 and already i miss July. for months starting may i waited for july super excited to see
some of you who breeze through my blog may notice that i have some big bang, 2ne1, and ss501 (specially kim hyun joong) and rain related purchases.  they're the people i follow in the kpop industry.  
there was a big opportunity for me to catch a double whammy.  to watch performances from both 2ne1 and big bang so i took it. thanks to hero Tania for the invite.  so finally, i had a reason to go to Singapore and it was a wonderful cherry on top that my man loves to travel that naturally, he'd go with me, like he did last year for bangkok (that time for ss501's last concert).  ayan tuloy, we're both really infatuated with Singapore and thinking alam nyo na yun.
Sandara truly is very pretty in real life.  awww she's so slender!  while the other 3 where shall we say on the plump side? LOL may baby fat pa, ang cute!
sure Dara didn't sing in or out like she did in araneta, but that's alright, i got to see their sunbae's big bang and then some!
more of 2ne1

This kid below is SeungRi, he hosted a family outing episode and at the time, the guest was kim hyun joong.  the kid below is the boy responsible why i liked big bang to begin with.  and i'm glad i like them.  they have a wonderful mix of rnb and slight hip hop.  they way these koreans have melded American pop culture into their own is just simply amazing and at such at a very accelerated rate!  EEMEA, Canada, and South america and of course even perez hilton loves big bang!
there was a familiar group there, too.  i've seen UKISS, 4 times already including last july's show LOL.  i'm sorry, let me just say it right now, the two new guys that replaced xander and kibum can't sing well live.  
this new song by ukiss i really really like, and to be honest, that night was the first time i heard it.  but truth be told, the song and the melody just made me miss xander and kibum more.  and yes, that's me yelling, wow dongho, what the hell is that!
but it was awesome seeing:

regardless what moe twister says about this group, they still bring fond memories (to which i will concentrate on) from last 2010.
LOL like this guy here, i, too, went to their showcase last year at the picc!  that's FT Island leader, who's now so buff!
Bom! i naooo haz bangz like you!
and here we are full of buzz after seeing 4 of the 5 big bang members!
farewell july, farewell Singapore, thank you, i miss you so much
hope to see you again, and soon.
can you just imagine? how much i work to be able to see these pretties in real life.  but you know? thanks to kpop? i have amazing new friends from triple s philippines and other fandoms like big bang, i got to pick up again and continue a wonderful friendship with Tania and Dek, and thanks to kpop i'm still into makeup that led me to meet wonderful ladies online.  
i got to see live
this is the original awesome vid
hay kakamiss


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