Wednesday, August 24, 2011

NAILS OF THE WEEK: The Face Shop's Cracked Finish

aaaand everyone and their grandmaw in the western hemisphere has the cracked finish.  and clearly so do the Koreans.  i first featured the competition with their really thick finish in black.  but since it was kim hyun joong's promo, i thought what a nice product to blog about anyway and get that winning raffle ticket!
below is my base.  it's not one of the 95peso nail polishes. au contraire mon fraire, this is 198? something.  only reason i mention it, it's kinda nice on the pic, but applying it was pure annoyance.  it's thick and goopy.  but i bought it brand new, never been opened, but the formula is like a nail polish that's been aired out for quite a bit.  phhhft
it was a breeze applying this.  and has a way finer/thinner finish than etude house's.  the etude one was like asphalt after a rainy night, phhhft, this is almost flat and the cracks are more even and have thinner/finer spaces in between each crack.  
now this i use again with a different base.  right now it just seems old and dirty with the base i used, but i'm sure with a more vivid shade underneath then it would be a fantabulous combo.
thank you the face shop philippines for keeping up with the competition and the times.  hopefully soon, you'd have the snail cream as well ^_^
there are two other shades of this, a black one and i think a red one.  i forget the price LOL.  basta these two nail products got me the chance to avail to buy the korean ver of kim hyun joong's break down album which allowed me to get the raffle ticket, which by the way was my winning ticket.  so thanks to this cracked finish bandwagon, i get to do something on friday morning!
what's on your nails today?


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