Tuesday, August 23, 2011

REVIEW: NOT so New Color Stay Aqua Mineral Finishing Powder


-Instant hydration with coconut water
-Sets makeup for a shine-free finish
-Wears all day
-Soft matte formula made with water, not oil., so there’s no shine
-SPF 13
-Wear alone or with Colorstay Aqua™ Mineral Makeup

NEW ColorStay Aqua™ Mineral Finishing powder is a translucent mineral finishing powder that delivers a burst of hydrating coconut water and an instant cooling sensation upon application. This revolutionary mineral finisher sets foundation and minimizes the look of pores and fine lines, leaving skin even and smooth. Specially formulated longwearing ColorStay technology provides a shine-free soft matte finish that lasts all day. Best of all, this weightless loose powder keeps skin looking healthy and flawless. Comes in 4 beautiful shades, with SPF 13 protection.  
-Swirl brush into powder and tap off excess.
-Blend powder evenly all over face in short, sweeping strokes.
-After use, close lid tightly.

my boss was kind enough to drop by target, which he claims is only a 5-10min drive from his residence and got me a couple of these.
a user error on my part that i am illiterate and didn't read that this isn't the foundation but instead a finishing powder. duh, the white lid and the fact that there are only four (4) shades to this didn't ring the proverbial bell or light the light bulb in my head.  baka pundi na :P  so he got me a couple of these.  one of which was kindly taken off my hands by my kind office mate, Leila.
both pots i got are in the translucent light medium shade, yet another sign that this isn'T what i truly wanted which is my beloved mineral foundation.
pls click the pic to enlarge the pix and see the ingredients better
what the powder looks like, kinda looks like a slightly colored mineral veil
blended out,  can you see less of the lines on the back of my hand? well i do.  this does have sparklies but very very faint.  and it also has that cooling effect the way the mineral aqua foundation does.
as compared to my tinted mineral veil...i had the original mineral veil but that was the first few things i finished off back when i started my addiction to makeup.  so i got a tinted one.  just to give me a healthier look than my usual sallow one LOL.  besides i also use the mineral veil when i'm desperate in fending of suddenly greasy hair and no baby powder is in sight!
after blended.  i prefer the line/pore coverage of the revlon
the revlon finishing powder is what i used to set my bb cream seen here below and
i like the extra pore 'coverage' that the hidden sparklies give.  
i've been using the finishing powder from revlon since my bosses' last visit.
  • sets my foundation either my photoready or my bb cream
  • doesn't break me out
  • has the cooling sensation that the mineral aqua foundation has
  • sparklies do NOT make me look like a disco ball, in fact it's not readily seen in daylight.  only when a certain angling of the light can you see it.  (same thing goes for the photoready btw)
  • only $11.99 a bit pricey for a drug store brand? but it lasts 18mos upon opening and is 0.35oz
  • has a little spf but toned down the reflectivity of my aqua tinted bb cream
  • speaking of spf this comes with spf my mineral veil does not (though since 2010 BE has been putting sun screen ingredients even on their mineral veils, afaik)
  • no weird scents
  • as with the foundation, this comes with an uber soft brush, and is great for traveling since it just slides on top of the lid
  • has 4 shades
  • does not affect my makeup, it doesn't cake up my foundation or bb cream
  • matte finish despite the sparklies

  • STILL not available locally
  • OIL CONTROL : tada...3 hours, tops  in a controlled environment as in an office with an aircon
  • so i blot now about 3x a day now, instead of just 1-2 like when i used the MINERAL AQUA FOUNDATION to set
Will i repurchase:  no, not at target not at the duty free.  i'll just wait for my boss' trip back and send him the proper link for the foundation LMAO.
do i recommend: yes, for women with drier skin this would be great, imho.  the aqua in here would have a timed release function and just give your skins a healthy glow.  i'll ask my achie at work how it works on her, she has slightly drier skin than mine.

what has been your setting powder lately?
ooops lastly, i'll add a vid review of this later LMAO.  it's way faster to type than for youtube to upload and process my vids LOL


Hin Tây said...

i dont like revlon colorstay aqua mineral makeup,it has shimmer ,but they shipped wrong for me so i use it as highlight. Still love the wet and cool feeling so I will order the white one Revlon color stay aquamineral loose power,thanks for ur review that i know it can help my faceskin a little  poreless

Marge said...

the colorstay mineral aqua foundation is my hg setting powder or finishing powder. i like it more than this finishing powder that they released. i hardly see the sparkles because i only use it to set my bb creams yet still give me a dewy dimensional look bec of the tiny shimmers that are in there.
may i suggest for you not to use it as a foundation and use it as a finisher instead. that way you'd still be using a product you already have ;-)

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