Thursday, August 4, 2011

Product Feature: Etude House Welcome to Wonder Eye Land Eye Shadow Pallet

DISCLAIMER:  this is not an item that the Etude House sent me to review.  I purchased this with my own hubby's money. 
ganda ng mga daliri ko noh? LOL, i don't know how to take shots of reflective items and i was lazy to google so, i apologize.
tadaaaah eighteen eye shadow shades of varying hues from neutrals to a burgundy brown to smoky blue, purple and a black.  it's a combination of shimmer, satin, and matte finish eye shadows.  there are no names, boo EH.  no numbers either!
below are swatches of the of the top two eye shadows as arranged in the pans.  except for the purple and brown ones on the lower left part of my arm, there are arrows anyway to indicate that their positions are switched.
they get washed out but they are pigmented in normal lighting.  some of the shadows are powdery while some specially the matte ones are chalky to apply, but they are all quite pigmented.
here are swatches of the shadows of the bottom row.  indeed they are the most pigmented of the lot. but as with dark and/or matte shadows some of these specially the dark brown one nearer my wrist and the black one nearer the inside of my elbow, are quite chalky to apply and in my opinion you'd be better off with the sponge tip applicator provided with the pallet instead of a a brush say like a 217.  baka maloka kayo in applying with a brush.
over all for PhP700++ for eighteen pigmented shadows, in a cute, rather compact pallet and a huge mirror (as in the mirror encompasses the other side of the top lid [the other side of the embossed label wonder eye land]), this is a steal!  the combination of shadows are quite useful, too.  from the neutrals to the smoky ones. there's even a light-coral shade, and a pink and even a green.  some of the eye shadows included in this pallet are not available in their singles or any other pallets.  they are not like mac or stila that keep on putting in their top selling shadows in their pallet and introduce new ones.  though there are shades very similar to the single etude house shadows, that's for sure.
there's no scent.  there's only 1 double ended sponge tip applicator included.  the sponge tip applicator is really good quality and not at all like the sponge applicators you get from say cover girl or even victoria jackson. the sponge tip applicators sent along with Asian pallets like these are good quality!
i used some of these shadows in my recent Adele inspired tutorial
  • price at PhP778 sorry the exact amount escapes my memory now, but it doesn't go over 800, definitely
  • quality of the shadows, uber uber soft and creamy to apply, just a tad more powdery compared to my holy grail majolica majorca pallets.
  • the sponge tip applicator.  it's rubbery kind and it's sturdy but soft.  it's almost like the ones included in the majolica majorca pallets
  • pigmented, i just have not so great lighting
  • lasted on my lids without creasing or fading (but that could be due to a good eye lid primer) 
  • did not oxidize on my lids the way the victoria jackson survival kit eye shadows tend to oxidize on my lids
  • huge mirror
  • cute packaging and it's thin not bulky
  • usable shades
  • none
Do i recommend: yep.  for working girls who need neutral shades for work and darker shades for after work, this is a good pallet.  


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