Sunday, August 7, 2011

Product Feature: Tony Moly's GT Series - paint the bling on my nails!

waaaah i'm one shade short for this review.  well they've been sitting at my vanity for over two weeks now and i couldn't wait for my earth shade to land at my preferred megamall branch so here's four out of the five of Tony Moly's GT series.  hmmmm it's a lot like OPI's Burlesque! (photocred to
 and here's my collection.
 in the classic-chic packaging usual for tony moly
number one: reads, mawkyuree or mercury.  it's black riddled with tiny silver glitter and a few red specs, but the red specs are enough to be seen.  mercury under daylight.
 mercury under artificial lighting.
 the shade i'm missing is #2 awsu or earth.
so i canhaz #3 masu or mars.  the base is burgundy brown with gold and red flecks of glitter.  below is a pic under artificial lighting.
 and below is a pic of it under day light.
 hello christmas green!  neptyun or neptune under artificial lighting 
 and neptune under daylight
 and my current fave.  dyupitaw or jupiter.  under artificial lighting.
 and jupiter under daylight.
and successful painting of my right set of nails (i'm right handed so it's a tad difficult for me to paint my nails with my left hand)
dang these are goopy to apply, huwell, it's the nature of the polishes as they have LOADS of glitter in them.  but the base or the medium that the glitters float isn't all that thick, so it's kinda streaky to apply actually.  but since applying them is quite like applying rocky road ice cream on cookie dough it's kinda is easy to even out the streaks and it doesn't look like i have any mistakes at all.
Shade variety:  currently they are only 5, but we got 8 planets (as you know pluto got downgraded to just being a rock) so who knows they may add 3 more shades, opi burlesque has twice the number of shades though, opi have the pastel and solid shades, too.
Price:  these are not inexpensive, but still they're about 100 less expensive (each) than opi's.
Final Word:
Except for the green?  i'd wear these to bling up my nails on a daily basis.  though i think there's a less expensive alternative? bobbie's heavenly glitz, but the glitters on bobbie's are fewer and farther in between compared to tony moly's (thanks ~tHiAmErE~ for the head's up ;-))


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