Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Reblogging: Now Available at Malls! DollFace Cosmetics and Charm Beauty Brushes

A step away from my usual Korean cosmetic posts:
since i've started my makeup addiction, i've been hearing of these two names, Doll Face Cosmetics and Charm Makeup brushes floating around on the interwebz.  So i wanted to reblog these two new updates on these two brands. 
Now in the new decade they have arrived,  in  both the figurative and literal sense.  
They are now in Crossings malls!
This is great accessibility to people who may not have (or be?) internet savvy.
This is great for those people that would rather get the item they want right away instead of waiting for their parcel to arrive via courier service such as xend, air21, jrs or what have you.  
This is also great for people who are unfamiliar with the usage of gcash, smart money and have who have difficulty finding the time to go to the bank for bank payments.  
I haven't personally checked it out but unless otherwise corrected, and please do so if i'm wrong here, but i assume we can now pay by credit card and pay at the Crossings cashier counters.
personally this is great because i prefer not to carry a lot of cash and mostly pay by credit card.  not only is it my personal preference but in my minds eye, it adds a bit more legitimacy to a company if a bank issues them a merchant id and a swiper for them to be able tooooo, drum roll please... 
take your credit card and charge it!  not only is it convenient specially for days that i want an item NOW na as in now na  but swiping also lists down all my expenditure hahaha, written proof as to where my sweldo/okane/moolah/돈 has gone!  So hopefully, you can pay at the Crossings counters and pay with your credit card. ;-)

Dollface cosmetics now has a kiosk at Crossings in Glorieta
photocred: http://swtangel.multiply.com/
Dollface Cosmetics is located at: 
2nd Floor Glorietta 3
Ayala Center, Makati City
(02)-8191466 to 67

Congrats to Miss Pearl!

While Charm Essentials is now available in another Crossings, at Crossings Shangri-la. Kinda looks like ELF (eyeslipsface) behind this display.
photo cred to http://www.beautynomics.com
Congrats to Miss Sophie! of Beautynomics.
Actually, kudos, too, to Crossings di ba? for being our gateway to these products.  
These ladies most certainly worked long and hard for this to finally happen to their brands.  It is so commendable these two women have kept going in our economic climate (the Philippines being the way it is)  and world wide recession we are going through.  
and naturally i am harping for this!  the black and hot pink color combination is just eye candy for me. 
photo cred Beauty and Minerals on multiply where you can order these lovelies online.
September baby, imma gonna see that black and hot pink!


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