Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Recently at The Face Shop...

it's august and the promo has begun and will run for a little over 2wks.  kindly visit your nearest the face shop branch for the deets/mechanics, i'm not as patient as Jeree este Job.
i got a honey peel off mask, the argan oil lip 'gloss' [but it's so pigmented it's actually lip color] in pk101 a cool pink which i want to use on top of my colorburst in carnation.  
yep, apart fr bb creams, i'm addicted to lip color with lip balming effects such as the colorburst with almond oil and these face it extreme rouge gloss with argan oil.  
oh, i also got the lovely me:ex nail polish remover, thanks to the heads up from the lovely Miss Nikki of askmewhats.com her post on the nail polish remover here.  it does smell like strawberries LOL.  hopefully there is a good amount of nail polish remover as well as the scent thing ;-)
AND since i'm clearly into glittery as in glittery nail polishes lately i bought i got a faceIt bk901 it's black with dark green flecks, it looks great in the bottle, hopefully that will translate to blinged up nails.  so there, 4 items.
nyahahaha of course not, there's more than 4 items in the pic right?  so you see i'm illiterate or i can't comprehend what i read, i thought if you spend 500 you get a raffle ticket for his event.  then to get the korean version of the album and 2 posters, you shell out another 500.  but neigh, your qualifier is 500bucks worth of products, once you accumulate that, you are now entitled, if you want to buy his album and 2posters for 500 
so ulit, 500 worth of tfs stuff FIRST to be able to buy the album and 2posters ONLY then can you get the raffle ticket.  so if you're not getting the album you won't get the raffle tix, ara?
as you can see, i have two albums and 2sets of posters so if you do the math it actually equates to the SRP of charaaaaannnn.  sabi ko nga last na talaga tong august na to eh.  phhhfffftt.  
oh never mind, i'm talking to myself, yet again.
dear pink beauty, wait for me and September, won't you? LMAO
photo cred Beauty and Minerals on multiply where you can order these lovelies online.


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