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DISCLAIMER: i purchased this product with my own money at the duty free of Changi International Airport.  I am not being paid by Clinique to review their product.  I'm just addicted to bb creams, clearly! 
This post will be updated with a video review for those who'd rather hear the review in the background while browsing another site instead of read LMAO, cuz i obviously do that!  but here's my report in written format.
and here it is:

I was advised last May at the Clinique Event I went to that Clinique has come out with their own bb creams and that it will arrive and launched in Manila this August, (if not already, since it is after all August, eww).  naturally, i couldn't wait and took advantage of the duty free and bought this baby.  as with all clinique products it's allergy tested, no fragrance and dermatologist tested.  and all clinique products regardless if it's makeup
have skin caring ingredients.  and this bb cream is part of their age defense line so it's for anti aging as well (which a great deal of bb cream boast of anyway).  
it's just that since it's clinique, you have a well known western brand that actually have yeeeeears upon yeaaars of testimonials from our tita's and moms.  but even youngins like Elle and her sister from allthatglitters21 and even our very own Aubrey of fafinettex3 use Clinique so our younger 20 somethings are Clinique users so hopefully Clinique will no longer be looked at as a brand for our tita's and moms.
Look achie! it's in English LMAO.
and unlike a great deal of bb creams, this shows you its shelf life and woah it's 2years upon first opening.  so dearies, get your magic marker and label your stuff the date you opened your makeup or skin care.  imma gonna have to remember i got this in july during my still can't get over it trip to Sg LMAO.
it's a tad thick but watery, but when blended out it covers fine lines well and pores but my green vein can still be seen. i get an even light to medium coverage with this.  i like as in super like the veil, matte to satin finish, unlike my shu that has matte finish.
still need under eye concealer to hide how much i stayed up the previous night watching criminal minds or the boys over flowers rerun on kbs LMAO.  photo below was taken withOUT the flash turned on.
photo below has the flash turned on.  slightly reflective, but not too much.  it evened out my skin fr chest to neck to face ;-)
and of course topped with my ever ever as in most favorite-i even got two back ups of- the revlon colorstay mineral aqua.  DISCLAIMER: i don't buff in completely the mineral aqua foundation as you would mineral foundation, i use my mineral aqua to set.  i prefer the oil absorption qualities of this mineral foundation and the slight additional coverage is a good boost.
Photo below is a pic taken without flash.
photo below taken with flash.  still slightly reflective but manageable.
combination of the mineral aqua, revlon age defying concealer, and the clinique bb, hides my under eye circles without caking up, and fill in my fine lines without looking like i put on a ton of product.
what a feat lol, another high end product review LMAO, thank the godSS it turned out ok on me.  it's way up there now with my tony moly expert triple and l'egere white multi AND HAS dethroned my skin food peach sake bb cream! well in fairness to the shu uemura under base bb, that, too, is an awesome bb underbase that gives a flawless finish it's just that i can't use it too often or daily or i'd develop black heads.  
  • 2year shelf life with indicator
  • spf 30 pa +++ great for indoorsy types like me who's stuck in the office
  • creamy to apply
  • good pore and fine lines coverage
  • light to medium to slightly buildable coverage, the spider veins on my cheek are covered well enough
  • does not cake up throughout the day
  • oil control is ok, i only have to blot once or twice MAX throughout the day
  • doesn't feel heavy on my skin
  • does not oxidize on me
  • did not break me out (used this and still using this for 5 days now) no new black heads, milla, white heads
  • no scent
  • midway between matte to satin finish, so it isn't completely flat, very minimal dew LOL but there still is
  • without duties (as in taxes) and on gss (great singapore sale) this still costs about PhP1500 it was Sg$40.5 at the duty free Changi International Airport, but, who knows it may just be 2k at rustan's just like the shu, hahaha just daw, pweh
  • anti aging part, been only using it for 5 days and it's really hard for me to notice the difference if any of the anti aging stuff has worked on my fine lines.
Do i recommend?  sure specially to those who can't see themselves going inside a road side [their version of drugstore brand] korean cosmetic store, which matter fact-ly, i just do not know why.  etude house, tony moly and the face shop have bb creams that are just par with this one.  and matter of fact-ly the makeup found in EH, TM, TFS are just the same as revlon, cover girl, maybelline or even better.
Will I repurchase: probably not.  as you know i hardly repurchase anything, it has to be super outstanding for me to get a back up of anything.

What's your take on these western brands, a Lauder one at that, riding the bb cream bandwagon? i wonder what else they'll take on?  the snail cream? LMAO


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