Monday, August 1, 2011

REVIEW: Cutex "Instant" Nail Whitener

I've had this item quite a while now and i've been wondering how to begin reviewing this.
i've had nail polish/lacquer/color so definitely i'd end up with slight yellowing of my nails after a long time.  so eventually after weeks of having nail color, the tips would go yellowy like your water ran through completely rusted out pipes.  
from the pix the tips of my fingernails to about half way through you may be able to see the yellow stain.  but my lighting washes out.

and both pix with me holding the product have the product applied,  while applying it's like coconut milk then it dries glistening like that.
if you have really mild yellowing of your nails then it's possible that the 'whitening' is immediate.
i'm sorry if this suddenly turns into a rant.  but look at the label.  it says nail remedy.  so i was expecting like garlic in a bottle with none of the garlic smell.  but it's not, the camelia sinesis extract is the last thing listed on the ingredients so it means it has the least amount of the all the ingredients listed.
this thing is just another nail polish.  coconut milky white in color.  but it doesn't even get rid of the staining.  if anything it turned my yellowy tips into a weird tint of green blue.
  • very easy to apply
  • dries very quickly
  • because it's actually a very watery white polish, my finger nails ended up i had a french tip done after several days of growth.
  • made me believe that it's a herbal nail remedy
  • NOT instant
  • smells like regular nail polish
  • this thing is PhP209!  
hay, owweeellll, like Shen says, sis, makeupalley.  yep, only reason why i stopped reading makeupalley is cuz there are very few korean products there.  but i guess there are lots now, LOL.
anyone else have tried this rubbish?


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