Friday, August 26, 2011

REVIEW: ETUDE HOUSE AC Clinic Pink Powder Spot Patch

As some of you follow me on twitter, you may have caught one of my tweets the other day cursing one of the gods, the goddess of marriage no less, for the pimple i developed on the day i took a leave.  which heralds the arrival of...tadaaaah my monthly bwisitor. (anakngtukneneng, full force sya, when kamo? the day i had a pic taking event with kim hyun joong, didn't i say it? au-ghost?!)
so after 48 years i dug this up, and thought, well, it couldn't hurt, hahaha i hope.
it comes in different sizes, to cover most of the sizes of zits you may have.
i think the 13mm is quite big.  it's gonna be hard to laugh or smile if you have that on your cheeks 8-12hours a day as recommended by the instructions O_O
pink powder? where?
thank mighty Aphrodite, my zit didn't grow any further than this, but grew inside instead (not outwards)
and this is what it's supposed to be like on for the entire day.  yes, when i say haz poreSS, i mean i haz them.  ahmmm you can just NOT click on the pic or you'll see my pores magnified, well you've been warned! :P
so when i say, i like this bb cream so and so for pore coverage, this is why LOL.  
yep, i'm also due for a facial or a peel, BIG TIME hahaha.
i don't really mind y'all seeing me like this.  i mean how else would you know what i'm taking time out of my daily life writing is for real? and here it is.
i wore this patch for 8-12 hours last wednesday and thursday.  since it's near my mouth, the adhesive would peel off at the sides when i laugh, me, demure? phhhft uh, nope. i laugh and y'all can see my tonsils and i can be heard yards away :P  
was i expecting a miracle?  actually yes, was i hoping against hope? yes, i was.  
did it happen, nope.
did my zit shrink at least? actually it did, very very slightly.  so it did not get any bigger than it already was, thankfully.
so what's this pink powder thing? apart fr the 'extracts' in the adhesive?  
i can only surmise that the adhesive kept my pimple from further oxidation and kept it sterile long enough for my body to heal itself, in such an agitated state as it is, hormonally and lifestyle stresses including.
so hoping against hope, my revlon concealer hid the pink enough for my photo op this morning with a really cute Korean.

will i buy this again?  nope.  i'll just buy their pore strips instead.  this thing is PhP98 ha, i thought it was only 30 bucks like their pore strips hahaha

do i recommend this? nope.  
if you have pimples, then it's your body's way of not being able to heal itself quickly enough that the body takes out the big guns, aka, inflammation to rid itself of that dust/skin/hair follicle turned zit.  so if you had a late night your body is on overdrive repairing itself so it brought out said big guns.  there are many causes of zits, pizza and chocolates areNT two of them LMAO.  unless you smear the chocolate and pizza all over your face.  
so ayun,  by the way, i do get those really big cystic zits, too.  the type i had to go to a derma one time and she had this huge a$$ lancet to prick, hiyeeah prick more like hack her way into my zit.  i'll never go through that again.  beyotch left me a scar, and conveniently, her clinic had to move, so i could no longer find her and accost her. phhhft.
ahmmm wala na ko masbi bigla hahahaha :p


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