Monday, August 29, 2011

REVIEW: The Face Shop Home Aesthetic Pack Firming Honey Pack

 One of the things i bought during the most recent Kim Hyun Joong promo.  it interests me that neither tony moly and etude house didn't have a peel off mask.  just those nose and chin dry tapes that pull out your black heads.
click on the pic below for the ingredients, instructions etc and yes it's in english LOL
 kinda looks like honey.  it's as sticky as honey, too.  but it doesn't smell too much like honey, just a little unless i'm just used to suebee honey LOL or is it souix bee?
 once it dries
bawal igalaw ang mukha, yan influence of the Ian LOL - no need to click to enlarge the pic, bwahahaha just goofin off :P
 and thus my crud
 it's quite refreshing.  AND I didn't have to mix mix knox gelatin hahaha, too lazy
and lo and behold.  even my hubby wanted a his peel off treatment ^_^ while on my face i merely used my fingers to apply the product but on the hubby i used elf's one dollar foundation/concealer brush because it was flat enough and it's a synthetic brush.  apply this liberally, otherwise you'd have a shizz of a time peeling this off.
i'm trying another peeling product this week but i would like to share a few thoughts on this one:
  • comes in an upside down squeeze-y tube for easy dispensing of the product
  • dries quickly but not too quickly enough to spread around
  • if applied thick enough it's easy to peel off specially in the creases around my nose
  • both mine and the hubby's skin feel squeaky clean after peeling of the product
  • i didn't peel off or pull out my black heads LOL, but it's really for taking off dry skin and the ones that are about to be shed off anyway
  • no stinging sensation on our skin while it was drying
  • no harsh reactions from either of us
  • no reddening, no itching
  • pulled off the excess skin that needed shedding around my retinol medicated zit on the lower right part of my chin
  • smells sweet and like dial gold sorta 
  • the really thin layers that were hard to peel off by hand/tweezers were easily removed by a cotton pad with toner or by water   
  • no dry feeling after the product was peeled off
  • my usual complaint for the face shop phils products the prices LOL, kinda pricey for Korean products.
will i repurchase:
for once, i will say yes to this.  just cuz i'm lazy to look for any other brand and i'm lazy to DIY ala michelle phan
do i recommend: definitely, specially if your lazy like me.

what's your peel off treatment?


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