Saturday, August 13, 2011


this is one of the products i purchased at the holika holika at Singapore.  i wanted to get something new and they said this had just arrived within the week i was there.  the spf reminded me of this.
because it's a powder sunscreen and something to use to touch up your makeup and sunscreen throughout the day.
click image to enlarge, a description of the product in English.
and what it looks like so it kinda looks like an egg, and the top lid is a dome shape plastic with a deep concavity.
i think that's better for a loose powder than the packaging shown below where i can't shake the powder in a space big enough for the powder not to explode all over the place.
my holika holika comes with a poof.  which i don't much like.
 it's not as smooth as the one from the skin shop, and it kinda reminds me of the baby powder poof that comes with baby powder containers.
i only exposed a few holes so i can only tap so much.  i thought the powder would be warmer but this is quite close to baby powder white, well close to it.
but it spreads / blends easily and not cakey
what it looks like sorta in real life without flash on my face
and i turned on the flash for the pic below and all the pix from here down
day 2, lol i look old and tired, photo below is day 2 of trying out this product
 and on someone else's cam the flash reflected any all spf in the product and sorta made me look like edward cullen's aunt.  and my face is lighter than my neck because i'm a babalina and my chin offered my neck what trees offer people who are under the sun.  and the eye makeup made the look kinda worse.
so yeah, my cam loves me, finally, after a full year and a few months it loves me.
  • the scent! strawberry milkshake scent!
  • very easy to blend and spread
  • packaging, not only is it cute but the lid is very useful for me
  • spf50 pa +++ wow and in powder form!
  • price for the spf is about P680 converted from sgd
  • didn't break me out, yey.
  • under natural lighting it doesn't give me a gray cast.
  • it does cover pores well.  
  • lasted on my face
  • didn't cake up my foundation or bb cream
  • didn't make me oilier than my usual oily self
  • doesn't feel heavy on my skin
  • not locally available (but can be ordered thru Charmaine's
  • fine i'll add this, the powder is reflective depending on the camera you use.  
  • one shade only
Do i recommend?
sure for people who have to touch up through out the day. for people who suddenly have to go out of the office and into the sun in the middle of day.
Will I repurchase:  probably not, it will be a long time til i use this up and i like trying out new things.


Lidiane said...

Hi, I loved your review. Do you know what UV filters are used in this powder? I really searched a lot for this information but couldn't find it. I'd be glad if you could help me :) Tks in advance

Marge said...

i'll see if i still have the box for this. i'm sorry if i didn't post a pic of the ingredients :'(
i'm trying to look for the ingredients as well, and i'm getting what you're getting as well, which is a whole lot of nothing LOL

Inge Lakawa said...

yes you look good with your own camera :D

visit my blog ^^

Marge said...

you can either use the puff that came with it or, you can use a fluffy brush. when using the puff just pat gently on your face, don't smudge of rub it all around.
when using a fluffy brush, dust it around your face ^_^
hope this helps

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